Optimising Study Performance

How to Optimise Motivation, Wellbeing and Performance

Coaching4Schools is a well-established online cognitive behavioural coaching service for academic purposes. Pepita Torbrand is a qualified psychologist specialising in academic cognitive behavioural coaching for senior school students. Her company offers a completely online coaching service that provides one-to-one hour-long coaching for students often preparing for final examinations in school or at university.

The video series below, created for Dulwich College International, is about how students can optimise their motivation, wellbeing and performance.


Mindset Self-Coaching: Building Daily Habits that Improve Performance and Prevent Procrastination.

This video kicks off a series of videos by reflecting on daily habits and how they can impact effective student study. It explains how a few very simple thought tools can have a lasting positive influence of self-awareness and productivity.


Personal Goal Setting: Using the GROW Model to Set Effective Study Goals 


Developing Key Strengths and Stopping Self-Doubt: Your Unique Strengths and the Importance of Self-Gratitude


Growth Mindset Thinking: Improving Your Effort, Dispelling Myths and Managing Setbacks