Sneak Peek: Online Learning

A Sneak Peek at Online Learning in Action

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our schools in China and Korea had to move from 100 per cent on-campus, offline learning, to 100 per cent off-campus, online learning in a space of days.  

Although no online provision, however good it is, is as good as being in school, we do want to give our parents a sneak peek at our online learning programme and showcase the creativity and innovation exhibited by our teachers. 


Making the best of new locations. 

Our teachers are taking this opportunity to teach from their unique locations and create memorable learning experiences, like Mr Adam Rice from Dulwich College Beijing who taught his Year 3s about elephants from sunny New Zealand. 


Utilising tech skills to engage. 

Teachers are using their tech skills to create visually compelling content, like Ms Lulu Ren from Dulwich College Suzhou who uses creative editing to keep her younger students engaged. 


Facilitating student collaboration. 

To overcome the physical distance, our teachers have found workarounds by connecting them through platforms like Zoom to enable our students to work on group projects and presentations. Take Ms Sarah O'Rourke's class from Dulwich International High School Suzhou, for example, who worked on an English group project together.


Bringing the community together. 

Students across our network have come together in support of our Wuhan neighbours. For example, Dulwich College Puxi students created beautiful messages, posters, poems, paying homage to the College’s value of “Be Kind and Respectful”. 


These are just a few examples of online learning happening in schools across our network. Moving our entire education offering online hasn’t been easy but we are proud to see how our community is standing strong together, guided by our values: Students Come First, Pioneering Spirit, One Family of Schools.  

We are improving our offering day by day and have taken steps to create and curate resources to help our teaching colleagues up-level their know-how. We look forward to when life returns to normal but in the meantime, we are committed to continuously improving our offering and innovating to deliver the best online education we can for your child.  



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