Our Education Partners

Dulwich College International collaborates with a number award-winning and world-renowned education organisations to offer professional learning opportunities for our teachers, and thus enhance the quality of teaching and learning at our schools. We have asked some of our partners to create exclusive material about learning practices and advice in the online learning environment.

LME Global

LME Global is a mission-driven company aiming to serve students, educators and business professionals through applied brain science.  LME Global was co-founded by renowned cognitive neuroscientist Dr Jared Cooney Horvath to bring his pioneering brain and behavioural research to teachers, organizations and professionals seeking to boost their academic confidence and performance.

The video below, created for Dulwich College International, explains why learning online, even for extended periods of time is not a bad thing. However, there are certain behavioural habits we need to be aware of to get the very best out of the online experience.


Learning in Digital Environments: It Ain't All Doom and Gloom



Coaching4Schools is a well-established online cognitive behavioural coaching service for academic purposes. Pepita Torbrand is a qualified psychologist specialising in academic cognitive behavioural coaching for senior school students. Her company offers a completely online coaching service that provides one-to-one hour-long coaching for students often preparing for final examinations in school or at university.

The video below, created for Dulwich College International, is about reflecting on daily habits and how they can impact effective student study. It explains how a few very simple thought tools can have a lasting positive influence of self-awareness and productivity.


Mindset Self-Coaching: Building Daily Habits that Improve Performance and Prevent Procrastination.


Evidence Based Education

Evidence Based Education aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning through innovative, impactful and engaging professional learning. Our partners at Evidence Based Education created an exclusive podcast for our educators about assessment and feedback in an online learning environment. Please listen to the two-part podcast below:


Assessment Practices in an Online Learning Space



Feedback Practices in an Online Learning Space


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