COVID-19 Advisories

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, here are some resources to help you stay in touch with the latest developments in our schools and the latest advisories about the COVID-19 situation.

Last Updated Mar 6, 1:30 pm China Standard Time (GMT +8)

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COVID-19 News 

Notifications from Dulwich College International

Message from DCI Chairman & CEO Fraser White, 28 February 2020

Continued Rise in Number of COVID-19 Cases Outside China

There has been a sudden spike in new cases in Italy and South Korea with more and more countries added each day to the World Health Organisation’s list of more than 50 affected territories.

The sharp rise in the number of cases in South Korea has meant that schools in Korea have had to extend their school break. Dulwich College Seoul transitioned smoothly to online learning in a matter of days, aided by the strong support of the community, the deep online learning expertise of our teachers and the support of our family of schools.

We are starting to see the same pattern emerging as we saw in China as the virus spreads to an ever-widening number of countries. The recent developments in, for example, South Korea, have immediately prompted some authorities to start restricting entry of travellers from affected countries.

The Situation in China May Be Turning Around

In the meantime, the tough measures by the Chinese government to control the COVID-19 outbreak have been praised by the World Health Organisation for their positive results. The number of new cases in China has continued to be on the decline for over a week now, with new cases down to very low numbers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhuhai for over 10 days.

More companies have reopened offices in the last week, evident in the gradual return of traffic to the streets and the very first traffic jam in Shanghai since Chinese New Year.

Schools are in the process of being regularly inspected and disinfected in preparation for reopening.

We are encouraged by the turnaround of the situation in China and continue to prepare for school to reopen on the advice of the authorities.

Ever More Opportunities in Online Learning

Our teachers are continuing to enrich our online learning, focusing on the many opportunities presented by the digital environment and informed by the regular pulse checks that we conduct with parents, students and teachers.

There is greater emphasis on personalising our students’ learning experience, empowered by the capability of our platforms and more frequent feedback from both teachers and peers. We are introducing new tools and applications to help our students strengthen their digital skills and apply them in different creative contexts. We are helping students provide feedback, question, challenge and collaborate in a digital forum to further develop digital citizenship.

More details on how we continue to improve online learning available at

Thank You to Our Community

This health crisis has put the spotlight on our wonderful parent community.

Thank you for the strength of support you have shown not only to our teachers but the broader community of families across our schools. Our parent representatives and Friends of Dulwich have been a powerful catalyst in strengthening our community during this time and we are touched by how parents have reached beyond their school communities to help and support.

We hope to continue to see the improvement in the health situation across all the countries that are affected and look forward to seeing you all again when our schools reopen.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Fraser White

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support over the past few weeks.

While the COVID-19 situation continues to be unpredictable, our goal remains to reopen our schools as soon as possible, based on decisions by the Chinese authorities. We will keep you informed as soon as we receive updates.

We aim to provide three weeks’ notice ahead of our school reopening dates to allow families one week to arrange for their travel back to China, followed by the 14-day self-quarantine currently required by the Chinese authorities.

In the meantime, our DCI team has been working hard to address a number of the challenges, questions and needs of our community based on your feedback.

Online Learning Innovation Team

Online learning is underway across our group of schools and across all year levels.

While this is taking place, we are constantly improving our online learning provision. The feedback that parents, staff and students have shared last week has been very helpful in informing us of the areas that we need to focus on.

We have brought together an online learning innovation team comprising:

  • Education specialists from DCI’s headquarters
  • A range of strategic development partners, including Evidence Based Education (EBE) to advise us on learning and assessment in the online space
  • Our school-based education and technology experts

This team is dedicated to sharing best practice, accelerating professional development and optimising our teaching content in partnership with each school community.

As you are aware, even before we moved to 100 per cent online learning, advanced online learning platforms like Wohui were already an important feature of the education provided to your children. This has enhanced our ability to migrate to online learning with speed.

Spring Break

In light of the uncertainty, please be aware that it may be necessary for us to move the Spring Break holiday. We therefore strongly recommend you do not make any commitments for you and your family until we confirm to you the Spring holiday dates.

Additional Learning Experiences

While our teachers are making every provision for online learning to be as comprehensive as possible, there are certain campus-based experiences that we consider to be a part of a holistic Dulwich education.

Understanding that learning must be bespoke to every child’s needs, your school leaders and teachers will be working closely with you when school reopens to identify any appropriate additional learning experiences that would benefit your child.


We will provide the following refunds:

  • School bus
  • Boarding
  • Paid co-curricular activities

You will be hearing from our school administrators on specific details in a follow-up communication.

Support for Examination Year Students

This is an important period for the students taking their IGCSE, ‘A’ / ‘AS’ level and IB diploma exams. We are working closely with the exam boards, and based on the current regulations, we are confident that we have been able to identify alternative arrangements for the examinations to take place, and that no student will be disadvantaged.

More details will be shared closer to the exam dates.

In addition, our university counsellors and the DCI central education team are actively engaging with universities to ensure they are fully aware of the crisis and that our students’ applications are dealt with fairly.

We are constantly looking ahead to work through the different challenges that emerge as the situation evolves. Rest assured that we have mobilised the full weight of our network to support our schools and communities as one family.

We cannot thank you enough for the faith and trust that you have given us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you as we manage this situation together.

Thank you.