Art meets Science: 2015 photography competition

In November, students, staff and alumni from all the Dulwich College schools were invited to participate in the second annual Science and Art Photography Competition. This competition challenged entrants to represent science through art in the context of the following categories: - Active Animals - Man and the Environment - Living Plants - Science in Action - Portraits of a Scientist There were two age categories for student entry; Year 9 and under and Year 10 and above and a separate category for staff and alumni. We were delighted to receive near 550 photos were submitted from over 220 participants and that an entree from each Dulwich College earned a first, second or third place. The enthusiasm behind this year’s competition came from the organizer Phillip Sexton who teaches at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. He regards the competition as epitomized in a comment from a student who has a passion for art; “I observed the cross section of a root under the microscope, the violet cross in the middle was the xylem and the blue part around the cross was the phloem. I liked the colour and the shape of the thing I observed, looking at cells through a microscope is one of my favorite activities in Biology.” Congratulations to our many winners and runners up and thank you to our judges. All the selected photographs will be showcased at Dulwich College Beijing during the Dulwich Olympiad in April and students and staff who placed first, second or third in their respective categories received certificates for their contribution.