A Dulwich First

In August this year Dulwich College Suzhou will open their new Senior school and will be the first Dulwich International School to offer boarding to students. Boarding will be available for boys and girls aged from 11 to 18 years old at Alleyn House. A key part of the new team will be Alex Colenso who joins them from Dulwich College London where he was second in charge of the Design and Technology Department, as well as an Academic Tutor and Visiting Tutor in the Orchard House, the Junior Boarding House. Previously he taught at The Bishops Storford College and Culford School where he held the position of Acting Housemaster. Outside school, Alex is a keen sportsman having both played for and captained rugby clubs in England, South Africa and France. As well as rugby, he has been involved in coaching cricket, rowing and tennis and continues to be interested in just about all sports, a result of having spent part of his youth in Cape Town, South Africa. Joining Alex will be his wife Gabrielle, a former BBC radio producer and their son Nathaniel who will be 18 months old by the time they arrive at Dulwich College Suzhou this summer. Alex believes in establishing a home from home within a successful boarding environment; one that allows boarders to be confident, feel supported and secure so that they are fully prepared for the rigours of their academic life and for life after school.