Cultural learning exchange with The Cotswold School

In early November 28 students and four teachers from The Cotswold School travelled from Gloucestershire in the UK to take part in a cultural learning exchange programme at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. The programme was designed to enable students to experience a different culture and engage with others who are learning the same curriculum in a different environment.

During the exchange the visiting British students were partnered with students from the host High School to give them an insight into school life in Suzhou. The students spent two days together participating in classes and leading learning activities at a local primary school. The students stayed in the new boarding accommodation, Shackleton House, and were impressed by the facilities.

This is the fourth year that the two schools have facilitiated the exchange and it has again proven to be a worthwhile experience. One of the teachers from The Cotswold School commented, “It was great to see students forming solid bonds of friendship and learning from each other. Our students were a little nervous but were quickly made to feel at home. It was such a valuable experience to see another school and how it operates and to spend time learning about our different cultures. However, it was also very interesting to note the many similarities that there are between our schools. We look forward to visiting again in the future and to working on the learning exchange between visits.”