DCB Receives first ISI Inspection Report

Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) received a strong and positive report from its first Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection. Sixteen of the twenty grades were ‘Excellent’ with the four remaining grades were ‘Good’. The inspection was conducted between 3rd to 6th March this year. Commenting on the report, Mr David Mansfield, headmaster of DCB, said, “It is very inspiring to see, summarised in 20 pages, the heart of what we seek to achieve at DCB. All pupils, parents and staff may be justifiably proud”. The four grades that were ‘Good’ related to the area of policy documentation concerning safeguarding. Most of the necessary changes were made in the week of the inspection. There will be a reassessment in the very near future to ensure the recommendations are embedded in the College. Mr Brian McDouall, director of schools, Dulwich College International, said, “We are very pleased with the outcome of the inspection. In my many years as a teacher and headmaster, I do not think I have read such a positive ISI report on a school and it gives us tremendous encouragement for everything we are doing throughout the group. It is a testament to the commitment of the teachers and staff at DCB to ensure the highest standards of learning in a happy environment”. The inspection was carried out by Mr John Dunston (former HMC head), as the Reporting Inspector, assisted by Mr Timothy Holgate (former HMC head) and seven other colleagues of whom five are serving heads. The full report will be posted on the school’s website shortly. Extracts from the report: •‘The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent, reflecting the successful fulfillment of the school’s aims. The school develops confidence in its pupils, enabling them to apply their skills and talents across the curriculum. Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. Pupils listen attentively and take great pride in their work. They are supported by excellent teaching.’ •‘The pupils’ personal development is excellent. They develop positive relations with each other and their teachers… pupils expressed great support and affection for the school.’ •‘Pupils expressed great support and affection for the school.’ •‘Throughout the Junior School, pupils show excellent attitudes to their studies and are always fully engaged in their work. They are well behaved, keen, intellectually curious and happy to share ideas. They cooperate highly effectively with one another.’ •‘In the Senior School, lessons have concise objectives and are very well planned. Teaching makes full use of a range of excellent resources. Natural use of ICT places teaching points in context. It also encourages independent study as well as group work to support the individual needs of the pupil… Teachers exhibit strong concern for the progress of their pupils, and create a climate of inquiry. They have excellent subject knowledge and are rigorous and demanding advocates for their subjects.’ • ‘The social development of the pupils is exemplary. They are courteous, welcoming and friendly. Pupils eagerly support each other in learning. They take responsibility and exercise leadership.’ •‘The leadership and management of the school’s educational provision at all levels is excellent and provides clear direction, as reflected in the quality of the pupils’ achievements and the standard of their personal development.’ •‘The quality of links with parents, carers and guardian is excellent. The school maintains a highly constructive relationship with parents and pupils’ families in accordance with Dulwich aims. The overwhelming majority of parents who responded to the pre-inspection questionnaire indicated extremely high levels of satisfaction and an exceptional endorsement of all areas of the school’s academic, pastoral and extra-curricular provision.’ •‘The excellent work of the Friends of Dulwich Parents’ Association enhances the life of the school and the development of a truly international, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual community.’ •‘Early Years provision is excellent. Each setting is extremely well resourced, and constructive use of space, even when not purpose-built, provides suitable working facilities.... Excellent teaching methods are employed … staff enthusiasm and their exemplary adherence to the tenets of early years practice is reflected in high quality planning based on the children’s interests.’