A look back at the strength of the DCI community in 2020

The end of the school year is always filled with pride and reflection, farewells and the excitement for long summer days ahead. This year, it feels more different than ever before.

Over the past few months, the lives of everyone in our family of schools have transformed due to COVID-19. We abruptly transitioned to learning online, trading classrooms for living rooms, and face-to-face interaction for Zoom sessions across time zones.


None of us expected a challenge like this, but as a community, we all came together to make it work, adapting to a new normal through open discussion, collaboration and a deep trust in one another.

Our teachers moved the Dulwich curriculum online almost overnight, and implemented creative ways to engage each child and always follow the Dulwich philosophy of ‘Students Come First’, despite challenging circumstances.


Our parents were a tremendous pillar of strength even as they had to juggle many different work and home arrangements, often overseas, while navigating a transformed role in the education of their children.


Our students showcased incredible resilience, taking the changes in their stride and bringing imagination, fun, and laughter to each lesson. The recently graduated, 519-member strong Class of 2020 traversed enormous obstacles to garner over 2000 offers from top third-level institutions including Cambridge, Stanford, and many more.


Our schools in China reopened through the hard work and dedication of our staff at each campus. They carried forward the valuable lessons and enhanced ways of delivering the Dulwich Difference, our unique ability to provide holistic, experiential learning online and on-campus.


It is still too early to know what the new school year will look like and what new challenges await us. However, it is certain that we will go forward with continued creativity, confidence, and an intensified Dulwich pioneering spirit, and that our students, parents, and teachers will continue to be leaders of change. 

To mark the end of the school year, Fraser White, our Founder, Chairman, and CEO has recorded a video looking back and celebrating that pioneering spirit and how, as a family, we faced the challenges thus far, and will be ready to excel in the new school year, united and stronger than ever: