Dulwich Singers perform at the Singapore Rugby Union

Photography by Singaporemaven

Broadcast to over 300 stations, including the BBC, millions of rugby-loving fans around the world, watched the Dulwich Singers rise to the occasion by singing the anthems at the Singapore Rugby Union. The International Rugby Match between Scotland and Italy took place on 10 June 2017, which meant the choir had to brush up on their Italian.

The Dulwich Singers' conductors, Jonathan and Alan, generously gave their time in order to prepare the choir in 4 short rehearsals. On the night Alan conducted with clarity and confidence, a true professional who inspired the Singers to give an outstanding performance.  A special thanks goes out to Delia Lubrano for attending rehearsals and helping the choir to perfect their Italian.

The Singapore Dulwich Singers are not only composed of students and enthusiastic parents, but also have 3 members of staff singing regularly and taking part in social events.