Face changing at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai

A Year 10 student at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai has mastered a rare dramatic art form. ‘Face changing’ (Bian lian), is a performance technique used in Chinese Sichuan Opera to reveal the characters’ feelings. These masks are an important part of the performance of Sichuan Opera. It is an ancient technique created and passed down by traditional artists. Face changing became an art form in itself where artists perfect the skill and increase the speed at which they swap the tradition masks on their face. Colin stunned his peers and teachers as the school’s ‘Dulwich Got Talent’ event last month by bringing this rare art form to the stage. It is incredibly rare for someone so young to have mastered face changing as there are few teachers and even those who do study the art form may never be able to perform at this level. Known for its difficulty, many still refer to the skill as a kind of magic. Please enjoy the video below.