Innovative and Enterprising students

When Wilson Wang and Brandon Sun submitted a proposal to build a 3D printer as part of their Extended Project, their teacher, Mr. March, was concerned that they were being too ambitious and that they wouldn't be unable to complete their project alongside all the other many demands on their time. Their Extended Project included a test of the materials used in making 3D printed models and was entitled: "An investigation of materials can be used for 3D printing and which are best for modeling architectural designs."

The final Extended Project proposals were only due just before the Christmas holiday and Mr. March was stunned to receive an email from Wilson on Christmas day with the news that he had completed the building of his 3D printer. Wilson brought his 3D printer to school this week and demonstrated it for the Engineering ECA. He showed the detailed process that takes a new object from design to production. New objects can be designed using 3D design software such as Autodesk 3DS. The object must then be exported to a machine code that is understood by the printer controller. The printer controller needs to be calibrated to the exact specifications of the printer such as motor rotation, platform leveling, and nozzle temperature. By the end of the demonstration, Wilson printed a new part that he could use in constructing a new 3D printer. We congratulate Wilson for following his passion in Engineering, Technology, and Science. It is indeed a remarkable achievement but for those who know Wilson is not at all surprised that he did exactly what he said he would, in record time and with excellent attention to detail. Please enjoy a short video of it: