A unique element of the Dulwich experience is being a part of a global family of schools. We connect our students across campuses and beyond borders for an education that prepares each of them to Graduate Worldwise.

One way we do this is through our annual Group events, where students across the Dulwich and Dehong network gain the opportunity to connect each other through hands-on collaborative learning experiences throughout the year. From visual arts to Peking Opera to photography to a leadership conference, we offer a breadth of events each year to engage our students holistically and provide for different interests, skillsets and passions.

Here’s a look back on the unforgettable events from this past year:

September 2020

Drama PD - Equipped to Teach in Every Environment

Ever since schools worldwide went online due to the pandemic, we have made it a priority to innovate and improve online learning to bring the high-quality, holistic Dulwich education into any learning environment. To this end, we have invested heavily in professional learning to equip our teachers with an arsenal of fresh and creative ideas to teach in engaging and effective ways.

Back in September last year, we co-hosted a series of three virtual workshops with RSC Education, the education arm of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), a leading British theatre company. Over 25 teachers across our family of schools participated in the professional learning programme, which was specifically created to equip our English and Drama teachers to teach Shakespeare in online and blended learning contexts.

December 2020

Diversity Arts Series – From Beijing Opera to Battle Rapping

For this year’s Diversity Arts series, we invited artists who provided our students with a host of engaging and interactive education experiences. Our students learnt from renowned Beijing Opera Yuyin Society about the characteristics of Beijing Opera, photography through an online workshop hosted by the Mexican-Canadian photographer, Damian Siqueiros, and attended an online poetry and spoken word masterclass with award-winning poet and battle MC Mark Grist.

January 2021

Student Leadership Conference: Learning to Lead Worldwise

Our aim is to nurture students who can become leaders who can make a positive difference. In an ever-changing world, it is imperative that our student leaders are equipped with a skillset that enables them to be flexible, adaptable and unite people for positive change.

Under the theme “Lead Worldwise”, our Student Leadership Conference this year brought together 34 student leaders from nine of our schools – including our founding school in London – to exchange ideas and be inspired by a series of seminars, keynote speeches and forums.

March 2021

The Dulwich Photo Competition – Our Unique Perspectives

Our annual Photo Competition brings together our entire community – including students, alumni, teachers, staff and parents from our Dulwich and Dehong sister schools.

This year’s themes were A Living World, Sustainable Solutions,My Community, Digital Life, Things in Motion and Hope. We were thrilled to receive more than 700 entries from 13 schools – just like last year, we will be planting a tree for every 10 entries received!

April 2021

Dulwich Shakespeare Festival: 1599

Our annual Dulwich Shakespeare Festival (DSF), held in partnership with our partners the Royal Shakespeare Company Learning (RSC Learning), took a new and exciting format this year.

The theme of this year’s festival was “1599” – a particularly difficult yet significant year in Shakespeare’s life. This year’s DSF was special in that our students had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the art of drama and performance through adaptations, rehearsals, and interpretations in online and hybrid contexts, bringing a very modern twist to classic texts.

As one of only six exclusive global RSC Learning partners, we are proud to offer our students across our family of schools exposure to world-class performing arts experiences and professional drama workshops.

April 2021

MADD Festival  – The Lifecycle of a Garment

The MADD festival is one of our signature group events, and this year it was held online for the very first time.

This year’s theme was “The Lifecycle of a Garment”, which was Inspired by UN Goodlife Goal #12: responsible consumption and production. Blending music, art, drama, dance, film and design, the MADD Festival showcased our students’ creativity through a variety of formats.

We are incredibly proud to provide holistic, experiential experiences for students across our family of schools, and cannot wait to create more opportunities for engaging learning in the next academic year.