Outstanding IGCSE Results

In July we reported exceptional IB results from across the Dulwich network and now are delighted to report our IGCSE results. Dulwich College Beijing students achieved fantastic IGCSE exam results with 74% of all entries being awarded an A* or A. Students from Dulwich College Shanghai also received outstanding results; 73% of entries being awarded A*/A and 99% of entries achieving A*-C. Further, all students who study languages in at Dulwich College Shanghai achieved A*-B grades in Mandarin as a first, second or foreign language, French and Spanish IGCSE and GCSE. 64% of IGCSE entries from Dulwich College Suzhou were awarded A*/A, with 99.6% of entries achieving A*-C. For the first time Dulwich College Seoul received results for a full IGCSE cohort. Our students in Seoul upheld the Dulwich standard of excellence with awarded A*/A grades awarded to 66% of entries and 97% of entries achieving A*-C.

At Dulwich International High School Suzhou 49% of students’ IGCSE entries gained an A* or A grade, while at the Dulwich International High School in Zhuhai, 56% of entries received an A* or A. The international High Schools cater to Chinese students so the vast majority of our High School students take their IGCSE exams in their second or third language.