DCI and RSC Education partner to bring drama learning online

RSC online drama programme for teachers

How do we make drama learning possible in an online environment?

What if some of our students are online and some are on-campus?

How do we ensure we keep the vibrant spirit of drama and the power of Shakespeare alive – virtually?

The world-renowned RSC Education team have recently helped teachers across the DCI family of schools address these questions.

As the exclusive partners of the world-renowned RSC Education in Asia, our teachers typically benefit from incredible yearly in-person drama workshops with RSC practitioners, allowing them to provide even further enriched learning opportunities for their students.


Due to current travel restrictions, RSC Education and Dulwich curated a pioneering professional development programme taught online, in place of in-person workshops. The focus of the whole programme was tailored perfectly to the unique setting, with RSC professionals sharing insights and skills with our English and Drama teachers on how to teach drama and theatre in blended and online environments effectively.


RSC practitioners were joined by over 25 teachers across DCI schools in a combination of Zoom-hosted workshops, interactive breakout sessions and live classes to jointly re-design the drama learning experience. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing an exclusive look into the learning which took place and hear from RSC practitioners and teachers about how it supports our commitment to offering high-quality, consistent learning experiences in any context – whether on-campus, online, or otherwise.