Sarah Humphreys

A new addition to the Dulwich Beijing leadership team is Sarah Humphreys. Sarah replaces Kate Beith, the school’s outgoing Head of Early Years.  Sarah brings a wealth of leadership experience to Dulwich.  Not only as founding head teacher at Jeavons, she served as Head Teacher at Kettlefields Primary School in Cambridgeshire and Assistant Head of Primary at the British International School in Jakarta.  At Jeavons she was an integral member of the start-up team, appointing staff and managing budgets all within the context of its strategy and vision. Sarah’s vision for Dulwich’s Early Years is to offer a creative curriculum that combines subjects into holistic lessons, rather than separate subject-based sessions.  She plans to the make the best use of technology as well as plenty of opportunity for students to express their independence and leadership.

“Students need to have sense of ownership and control in their learning,” said Sarah.  “They need to be empowered to have a strong voice.”

Sarah plans to develop little leaders, but is also keen on quality.  She was an Ofstedt inspector and County Literacy Advisor in the UK.  In these roles, she needed to have a good eye on areas for improvement – a good eye being a key requirement to sustain and improve the high levels of quality expected at Dulwich.