Shanghai Altman

Dulwich students learn to look on the ‘Bright Side of Life’ Can you imagine Bob Marley playing at your 25th Birthday party, hanging out with the Rolling Stones or composing the most famous classic tank sequence in Goldeneye and then chatting with the music students at Dulwich? Well, that is the life of John Altman. Not to mention his classic hit ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’, voted the most popular tune from a comedy. On Thursday, John Altman generously gave up his time to inspire the Dulwich College Shanghai Year 10-13 iGCSE and IB Music students and some lucky Year 7 classes, with many stories about his life in the music industry over the last 50 years. John was pleasantly surprised by the broad musical knowledge of our students and was especially impressed with the student compositions he listened to. Two in particular, Zheng Lin Liu (Year 10) and Mason Lee (Year 12), left him lost for words, literally. Thank you to our friends at the Western International School Shanghai, in particular, the Director of Music, Ms. Anne Drouet for generously offering John's presentation to Dulwich students. John Altman is in Shanghai to work as part of the Shanghai Battle of the Bands, ‘Booshkabash’.