Watch: A Sneak Peek into Our Early Years Programme

Inquiry-based learning, autonomy, dual-language learning – surely these are terms that are associated with learning for older students.

At Dulwich, however, we start our students young. The Early Years programme (also affectionately known as DUCKS in some of our Colleges) is home to our two- and three-year-olds all the way up to seven. We pique the interest of young minds by helping them learn concepts like math and language using their understanding of their own immediate environment. We help them solve little (and not so little) problems on their own to give them that wonderful feeling of independence even at an early age.

All of this is done in a dual-language learning environment where they learn in English and also the language they are most comfortable with to build confidence from the start. Take a sneak peek into a day in the life of an Early Years student at Dulwich – and explore their amazing and wonderful world of discovery.