Dr Daniel Moore

Head of Senior School, Dulwich College in Seoul Previous Post: Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary, The British School Guangzhou, China At Dulwich College in Seoul Daniel Moore is starting up the Senior School, a job at which he succeeded to a tremendous degree at The British School in Guangzhou. Just before he left, the first cohort of his students learned of their IGCSE results – 96% A*- C. He attributes the students’ success to the “learn to learn” approach to teaching and learning. Learn to learn was the subject of Dan's doctoral thesis. The three core principles of this approach are: 1) connect lessons to topics of immediate relevance to students; 2) provide opportunities to apply the learning in active exercises; 3) constantly review the learning taking place. "Ultimately the end goal is excellent IB results and admission into top universities," said Dan. "While this approach produces the academic results, it also develops the critical strategic thinking skills, leadership qualities, and independent learning attributes required of prospective Ivy League and Oxbridge students." To that end, Dan is also introducing Philosophy for Children as part of the PCSHE programme. According to him Philosophy is shown to improve abstract thinking which, typically, provides an advantage to students studying for IB qualifications. As the first Head of Senior School at Dulwich College in Seoul, Dan looks forward to laying a strong foundation of student learning and success at the IGCSE and IB levels. In building this foundation he is setting the goals and hiring the faculty required for success, while building up all of the necessary accreditation for Seoul's Senior School. Dan spent the past 12 years of his education career overseas. Before China, he worked in Nairobi, Cairo and Kuala Lampur. To Korea he brings his wife Alison, son Jacob who will start Year 1, and two-year-old daughter Elana.