Teachers Start Suzhou Youth Orchestra

Dulwich teachers honoured by Chinese government for starting the SIP International Youth Orchestra

In January, Mr Nick Tymstra, Head of Instrumental Music and Mr Jackie Sun, Music and Strings, were both given a prestigious award from the Chinese Government for their services in creating the Suzhou Youth Orchestra. In a ceremony that was held after a performance by the Suzhou Youth Orchestra, that Nick conducts and Jackie helps, both gentlemen were given acknowledgement of their hard efforts and dedication with this group. The SIP International Youth Orchestra is a relatively new and exciting ensemble made up of promising musicians from many different countries. The orchestra, founded in the spring of 2012, has not yet celebrated its first anniversary but has already entertained audiences through numerous performances around Suzhou. The orchestra is the collaborative efforts of Mr Nicholas Tymstra and Mr Jackie Sun and provides a musical experience for young aspiring musicians; an experience formerly unavailable for the younger music community.

Presently the orchestra has approximately 40 musicians, ranging in ages from 10 to 18. Nine musicians are students from Dulwich College Suzhou. Through the generous contribution and support of the local Suzhou government, the orchestra has been able to develop a small library of music and some of their own instruments. They have also provided the convenience of a rehearsal hall at the SIP Youth Centre. The most recent performance of the orchestra was given in the Performance Hall of the Youth Centre as part of the New Year Celebration. All of the musicians in the orchestra rose to the occasion and gave an exceptional performance to a full house. Following the concert a presentation was made to the founders of the orchestra on behalf of the SIP Community. The award was in appreciation of the time and effort put forth by Nicholas and Jackie in establishing the first youth orchestra in the Suzhou SIP area. Hopefully one that will continue to provide lasting musical experiences for young musicians for years to come. The SIP International Youth Orchestra rehearses every Saturday from 1-3pm and is always looking to audition new members. Musicians should contact Mr Tymstra or Mr Sun at Dulwich College Suzhou if they are interested in arranging an audition.