Dulwich News | Explorer and Expedition Cyclist Delivers Shackleton Lecture

Kate Leeming, the record-breaking Australian long-distance cyclist, recently delivered the final Shackleton Lecture of 2021 to our students and teachers.

Named after one of Dulwich College’s most famous alumni, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, the annual lectures are a priceless opportunity for our students to gain first-hand inspiration from modern-day adventurers.


In her online address, Kate Leeming spoke of her marathon rides across Russia (she was the first woman to do so), down the east and west coasts of Africa and her ambitious plans to cycle to the South Pole in 2022. She also presented a series of photographs from her journeys around the world.

She said: "Inspiring and motivating the next generation of leaders with a pioneering spirit is the most important aspect of my work, To help cultivate the story each student wants to tell using creativity, good design and innovation is the most fulfilling gift I can give."


Aside from her inspiring stories of wonderful people and fascinating places, Kate also gave valuable insights into overcoming the considerable logistical challenges that she faces when planning her rides. She spoke of her belief in “education by experience” and how she hopes her story will inspire the next generation of global leaders.

She said: "I hope my presentations have sparked curiosity in Dulwich students to explore to discover their own passions with a positive, can-do attitude."

Which adventurers should we invite to deliver a #ShackletonLecture next year? Suggest a name in the comments.

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