What does it mean to Live Worldwise?


Dulwich College International nurtures students to make a positive difference in the world.

Our students are passionate explorers
Our holistic curriculum nurtures curiosity about the world and provides opportunities for students to gain diverse experiences and discover their unique potential. 

Our students are creative thinkers
We encourage students to discover their passion with our world class arts and music programme while cultivating their voice and choice in their learning journey.

Our students are innovative problem-solvers
We create learning environments that encourage a pioneering spirit and equip students with the knowledge and the skills to overcome challenges.

Our students are pioneering leaders
We equip students with a pioneering spirit, resilient leadership skills and an entrepreneurial drive to tackle the world's problems.

Our students are community contributors
Our values-driven education nurtures students to become true global citizens, to be community contributors, to gain awareness of social and environmental issues, and to understand their role in the world.

Our students are resilient leaders
Sport is an essential part of the curriculum, teaching students the value of determination, graciousness, resilience and teamwork.

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Our Alumni who Live Worldwise


At Dulwich College International, we believe every student has the potential to change the world. Our alumni go on to make remarkable contributions at the very highest levels in culture, the arts, sciences, sustainability and improving the lives of others.

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