Academic Results

Deep track record of academic success and stellar university placements

Academic excellence continues to be the cornerstone of our Dulwich Colleges and High Schools. We are very proud to celebrate another year of stellar academic achievements of our graduating class.

IB Diploma Results 2023

Dulwich College International IBDP Results 2023

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 for another year of terrific International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results! This year, our brilliant students achieved a remarkable average of 36.7 points out of 45, greatly exceeding the global average of 30.2.

Our students achieved a 99.4% pass rate in this year's IB examination, 34.3% students received over 40 points, and 6 students got a full score. 31% of students who took a Mandarin subject were awarded full marks.

These results show that Dulwich’s holistic approach to teaching and learning truly develops students who excel at the highest level of academic challenge while pursuing their passions and interests.

IGCSE Results 2023

Dulwich College International IGCSE Results 2020

Students at our Dulwich Colleges in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Suzhou follow the two-year IGCSE curriculum in Years 10 to 11.

This year, our students achieved fantastic results, with an impressive 72% of all grades being A* to A, and a remarkable 89% being A* to B. These outstanding results set up each of our students for incredible success as they move into their final two years of Senior School and undertake the IB in our Colleges.

Our University Matriculations

We congratulate all our students for their outstanding achievements, and thank our teachers and parents for partnering as One Family to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment for each student throughout their time at Dulwich.

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