Alumni | Inspirational Changemaker Candy Gan

"Being part of an open-minded community during my studies definitely contributed to where I am today."

Since graduating from Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong in 2014, Candy Gan has made it her mission to turn her own struggles into inspiration for making a positive impact in the world. Earlier this year, Candy Gan garnered nationwide attention in Singapore as a co-author of “My Name is Adam. I have Type 1 Diabetes” , a brand new bilingual children’s book on Type 1 Diabetes that made headlines.


In this book, Adam, a fictional 10-year-old boy, shares about his T1D diagnosis, challenges, and learnings. Since the book’s official launch earlier this year, reactions and positive feedback from audiences have been beyond expectations. The launch was a first-time concerted event that brought together policymakers, industry, healthcare professionals, patients, and their loved ones within the Type 1 Diabetes community.

"It is a book that I would have liked to give to my younger self."

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of two, Candy describes her experience of growing up as a little different and challenging.

"Many children and teens can struggle not only with lifestyle changes but also with the fear of social judgement and a changed schooling experience once they disclose their condition, and this new book helps to explain what living with T1D is like, using appropriate language that's easily understood by children, their friends, and adults."

It was this exceptional and challenging experience that has inspired Candy Gan to follow her true calling and undertake a series of life and career choices that have led her to where she is now. After graduating from the London School of Economics and Political Science with an MsC in Global Health Policy, Candy is now working as a public healthcare administrator, building preventive and community care services for Singapore. This important role gives Candy Gan a platform to bring attention to chronic conditions and help the ecosystem as a whole create environments that are more welcoming to people with invisible conditions.

"Recently I was fortunate enough to meet with one of our incredible International Old Alleynians, Candy Gan. Candy Gan is a DCSPD IOA of the 2014 graduating class and to say that Candy Gan has made an impact since graduating from DCSPD is definitely an understatement! I was incredibly impressed by Candy Gan’s forward-looking can do attitude and her willingness to step in to situations and turn them into opportunities. The future is in great hands with Worldwise alumni such as Candy Gan!" -- David Fitzgerald, Global Director of Education, International, Education in Motion.

We are extremely happy to see our young alumni making their mark in this world, driven by passion, ingenuity, and a pioneering spirit. Their success in both their personal and professional lives, as well as their genuine concern for their community and the larger world, serve as shining examples of our most cherished values.

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