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“Dulwich has certainly contributed towards my passion. Teachers have an interdisciplinary approach, where they give us the opportunity to explore around the subjects. . . . and [create] a culture which promotes creative thinking.”

Fredric Kong is a Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, Class of 2020 graduate. In the fourth episode of The Pons Talk, a podcast where our budding students interview exceptional alumni from our Worldwise Alumni Network, Fredric is interviewed by Heilani K, a current student of Class of 2022 at Dulwich College Seoul. Listen in, as Fredric shares his personal and professional development at Dulwich, and how his academic passions have continued to grow, even after graduation.

Fredric studied at Dulwich schools for a total of 8 years - 4 years in Beijing and 4 years in Shanghai. Now he is currently completing the Singaporean National Service and will being work on a PhD in Economics at MIT this autumn.

While at Dulwich, Fredric was selected as the leader of the first student organized Dulwich Talks - bringing together different speakers from all over the world to share their stories and inspire his peers from Years 10 to 13. The experience helped him start his leadership journey and is regarded by Fredric as a turning point in his life.

For his university application from National Service, Fredric was grateful that his university counsellors were by his side every step of the way. They believed in him as an individual and gave him tailored support during the whole process.

Fredric also gives an introduction to his MIT program in detail and explains how Economics inspired him from when he was a young child. He applied for his PhD program with a passion to pursue the highest level of academic achievement and to make lasting contributions to the field. Fredric is a great example of what it means to be guided by the Dulwich Vision to LIVE WORLDWISE - to have the skills and motivation to make a positive difference in the world.

Listen above to find out:

  1. Fredric’s experience at Dulwich and what he benefited most from Dulwich
  2. How he applied to university from National Service, with the help of Dulwich university counsellors
  3. An introduction to his MIT program; why and how to apply for a PhD
  4. What aspects of his identity were formed at Dulwich
  5. How he stays encouraged and motivated in the midst of a global pandemic

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