Launching The Pons Talk | First-Ever DCI Alumni-Student Podcast

“If I could have the opportunity to talk to myself from seven years ago, I would love to do that,” mused Adam Wang, Dulwich International High School Suzhou alumus. 

His wish is one that most of us share, but he has done the next best thing. 

Adam is the first-ever interviewee on The Pons Talk, a new Dulwich podcast series where our current students interview exceptional alumni from our Worldwise Alumni Network to glean insights and learnings from their life experiences post-Dulwich.

Today’s host is Emily C, a Year 13 student at DHSZ who is herself considering her future as she looks forward to her upcoming High School graduation. In this premiere episode, Emily expertly interviews Adam, who went on to study at Imperial College London after graduating from Dulwich in 2013, and is now Assistant Manager at KPMG London.

Listen above to find out:

  • How Adam discovered his passions and confidence at Dulwich
  • How he took advantage of the resources available to him at university to bring him to where he is now
  • Why he decided to give back to the Dulwich community and help build the Worldwise Alumni Network

The Worldwise Alumni Network brings our alumni from across our family of schools together on one platform. Co-created by alumni like Adam, the network aims to create meaningful opportunities for our alumni to develop personally and professionally, to connect with one another, and to create positive global impact.

Everyone over the age of 18 who has ever attended a Dulwich school is eligible to join.

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