The Pons Talk | Graduating as a Responsible Global Citizen

“It was really after leaving Dulwich that I realised the value of a Dulwich education,” observed Ingrid Bodeen, who graduated as part of Dulwich College Beijing’s Class of 2017.

In the second episode of The Pons Talk, a podcast where our current students interview exceptional alumni from our Worldwise Alumni Network, Ingrid shares how her Dulwich education empowered her to succeed after she graduated.

Insightfully interviewed by Annabelle L, a Year 12 student at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, Ingrid explains how her Dulwich experience shaped her passion for sustainability and social impact, which she now pursues at George Washington University by majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict Resolution.

Last summer, Ingrid also became one of two alumni to receive the first-ever DCI Sustainable Development Grant, which enabled her to complete a social impact-focused internship at Talk2U through our partnership with Puentes Abroad.

Listen above to hear Ingrid talk about:

  • How she discovered her passion for social impact and sustainability at Dulwich College Beijing
  • Key takeaways from her social impact internship at Talk2U
  • How her IB experience set her up to succeed at university
  • What she values about a Dulwich education, and why she is now choosing to give back to the community

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