Bringing world-class drama learning to Dulwich campuses

“Drama methods as an integrated way of teaching and an embodied form of learning aim for understanding and empathy. Drama methods offer invaluable resources that help us to imagine, create, debate, show, and understand what it means to be human.” Manon van de Water, Head of the Theatre for Youth programme at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Drama and theatre have a great history in the Dulwich network, going back more than 400 years to Edward Alleyn, the founder of Dulwich College, who himself was an actor and key figure of the Elizabethan theatre. Today, the pursuit of the arts is a staple of life at Dulwich, and we devote considerable resources to creating opportunities for our students to experience all areas of the arts.

In the first term of this academic year, Red Leap Theatre, The Paper Birds, and Frantic Assembly—three renowned theatre companies—have come to Dulwich campuses with inspiring workshops and exclusive learning opportunities. It is a part of the Worldwise Events programme, where we partner with a selection of the best drama and theatre professionals and educators from around the world to provide our students with world-class learning experiences.


Red Leap Theatre

Hailing from New Zealand with a core team of six visionaries, Red Leap Theatre’s mission is to create high-quality, original visual theatre that pushes creative boundaries, transforms how the audience relates to theatre, and celebrates and supports women's stories and talents.

In September, as part of their in-person residential programme, their practitioners visited our schools in Singapore and Seoul, working with our students and teachers in highly energetic and creative workshops, developing devising techniques, strengthening physical awareness and connection, exploring dynamics of play and impulse, and learning how to build ensembles using a range of elements such as text, imagery, sound, and basic materials. Throughout this academic year, Red Leap will continue their impactful work with our schools through customised online workshops. 

"I have been teaching drama for a number of years yet learnt so much from the Red Leap Theatre workshops. The journeys in particular were so inspiring and easy to then take and adapt to use in lessons. Watching the children grow in confidence when using their bodies was amazing – the Red Leap practitioners were brilliant at encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones whilst also having high expectations of what the children could achieve. Some of the ideas they learnt were so simple yet so effective, adding meaning or emphasis to a particular moment in the work with motifs or pauses. I have probably used a Red Leap technique with my students almost every day since they visited! " -- Laura Rodgers, Year 6 Teacher, Project Lead for Drama, Junior School, Dulwich College (Singapore)

The Paper Birds

Recognised as leaders in devised verbatim theatre in the United Kingdom, the Paper Birds have both a highly acclaimed artistic programme and a creative learning programme with a vision to inspire change through the theatre they create. This term, they spent three days at Dulwich College (Singapore) working with students of various ages on their devising and theatre techniques. In addition, The Paper Birds provide our schools with a pool of fantastic online educational resources that are being used across the network.


One of the most successful and best-loved theatre companies in the United Kingdom, Frantic Assembly is known for their distinctive creative approach that has foregrounded the use of movement directors and choreographers in new dramatic works. They are studied as leading contemporary theatre practitioners on five British and international academic syllabuses.

Continuing our long-standing partnership with Frantic Assembly, their practitioners delivered a 6-day residency at Dulwich College Seoul, focusing on physical devising techniques that culminated with a performance from the students.

Our schools will continue to benefit throughout the academic year from our collaboration with Frantic Assembly through energising, interactive online workshops and masterclasses.

"The weeklong residency with Frantic Assembly has been such important work for our students on this time of post Covid restrictions. Helping them relearning to collaborate, to use touch and contact work and just as importantly to celebrate together. It was an incredible opportunity to work alongside professionals as if our students are in that real world context." -- Matthew Readman, Head of Drama, Dulwich College Seoul


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