Celebrating Fantastic University Early Offers


Across Dulwich College International and EiM's family of schools, we expect that the Class of 2023 will send over 3,000 university applications. That is approximately six applications per student. With our first round of results back, it is exciting to see the range and strength of our students’ higher education plans. From Oxbridge and the Ivy Leagues to some of the best courses in the world at universities in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia, we have cause for celebration.


For context, while the majority of applications are sent between mid-December and February in the "regular decision" rounds, around 15% of our students will apply in the "early" windows. For the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Canada, especially, this means application deadlines are set before December, with some deadlines as early as late September. For early application rounds, we will typically know the application results by the end of January. In the regular rounds, the application results are generally all known by April.


Highlights from our Class of 2023


To date, our students have had nearly 500 university offers in eight countries including:

  • Columbia University and Cornell University in the United States where only 5.3% and 11% of applicants are admitted, respectively.

  • University of Chicago (acceptance rate: 6%), University of Notre Dame (acceptance rate: 15%), Northwestern University (acceptance rate: 9%), and Middlebury College (acceptance rate: 15%)

  • University of Oxford and University of Cambridge in the UK where more than 10 conditional offers were received by students across Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, Dulwich College Suzhou, Dulwich College (Singapore), Dulwich College Beijing,  Dulwich College Seoul and Dulwich High School Suzhou.

  • University of Hong Kong: A Dulwich College Suzhou student received an offer for Economics and Finance. Graduates of this programme have some of the best career outcomes in Asia, if not the world. 

  • Duke University: Another Dulwich College Suzhou student was admitted to Duke as an early decision applicant, where less than 10% of applicants are accepted, thus making Duke more competitive than some Ivy League institutions!

  • A Dulwich High School Zhuhai student received offers for architecture from the University of Edinburgh (UK), one of the best 50 courses in the world, and Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) alongside a science degree offer from the University of Sydney (Australia). With such a diverse set of options, it will be a good kind of difficult to make a decision!

  • University of Utah: A Dulwich College Beijing student received an offer to study game design. This programme is often ranked as the best in the United States and is a consistent Top 5-10 course in the world! 

  • Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University: Another Dulwich College Beijing student was accepted into one of the best music and performance conservatories in the world.



As always, across the nearly 500 offers, there is evidence of an incredible diversity of academic and career interests. These include a combined Biblical Studies and Economics degree, Recording Arts and Composition, Law, Marine Biology, Gender Studies, Molecular Genetics, Fine Art, and German with Business Studies.

We are proud of our students, counselors, and teachers who have worked so hard together and with our parent communities to earn such exciting post-secondary options. 

"As always, it is exciting to see the incredible university offers that our Dulwich students are receiving. Congratulations to those students who have received Early offers and all the very best to all students as they enter their final term with the Dulwich family and with their university applications."

David Fitzgerald
Global Director of Education, International

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is graduating its first ever class this year. Their results are exciting, including an offer to a student to study sciences at the world-class Hong Kong University of Science and Technology programme. For David Ingram, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi's founding Head of College, it is an especially significant milestone to see offers coming in for the first time.

"Congratulations to our first cohort of graduating students for their university offers. This is a milestone moment for our college community. I am grateful to our team of teachers and counselors who supported them and I am thrilled for our students as they pursue their areas of interest all over the world."

David Ingram
Founding Head of College at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi


At Dulwich College Beijing, Audrey W. received an offer from Wellesley College, an all-women's Liberal Arts institution that lists world leaders amongst its alumnae.

As Audrey’s counselor, Stephanie Zhang, describes, "Audrey set her sights on US liberal arts colleges and decided on Wellesley as her ED choice early on - a great fit for her introspective learning style and her active presence in open dialogue about nuanced social issues. She approached the college essays with a passion for creative writing. She wrote three different versions of her Common App essays just for fun (though we both agreed that the best one was produced in under an hour of speed writing)! With a genuine love of learning and an incredibly generous soul, Audrey will thrive as one of many phenomenal Wellesley women who go on to achieve great things."

Stephanie Zhang
University and Careers Counselor
Dulwich College Beijing

Audrey reflected, "I never had a dream university so I spent Year 12 researching any university recommended to me by my counselor, and I think I slightly frustrated him with my indifference toward all of them. What I did eventually realize was that whenever I researched a new university I always ended up comparing it to Wellesley and thinking that it didn't measure up. It took me more than 7 months of research and attending virtual sessions before I could list the aspects I valued most - a quality undergraduate education, empowerment, and a community. At that point, I knew Wellesley was the best choice for me."

cornell-university Credit: Cornell University

At Dulwich College (Singapore), Lynden C. received an offer from Cornell University with an intention to major in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Lynden writes that, "I like Cornell’s liberal arts curriculum style, which allows me to chart my own path and learn about any topics I'm interested in through a variety of lenses (e.g. history, music). It is also famous for its undergraduate research opportunities; as a prospective Chem/Biochem student, that's definitely something I want to be actively involved in! However, a lot of my love for the school came from watching videos made by students. I realized that the learning style and the competitive style of the students match perfectly! It was also a strategic decision on my part, as its % admitted ED was high."

Lynden’s counselor, Nakul Malik, saw a great match between for her and was impressed by her approach to the entire process. "Lynden's work ethic and commitment to her studies is outstanding and she has a natural flair for problem-solving. She has stated several times that the more challenging the concept, the more she enjoys tackling the problem. During one of our initial meetings in Year 12, Lynden highly impressed me with the most detailed university research spreadsheet I have ever seen. Beautifully organized, she had a large range of universities across the top and rows of different "fit" criteria along the side. Diving deeper through online events, videos, websites and talking to current students she curated her list and ED selection that truly fits her and where she will thrive. Lynden is a naturally gifted chemist and is also an incredibly skilled, talented musician and a star on stage. She is not afraid to try new things out of her comfort zone and continuously demonstrates diligence and commitment. As a student that makes the most of all opportunities given to her, I believe Cornell is a great fit for Lynden!"

Nakul Malik
University and Careers Counselor
Dulwich College (Singapore)


With the majority of decisions still to be made at universities around the world, we look forward to sharing another update later this spring. To all of the Class of 2023, we are proud of you and where each of you are on the way to your post-secondary journey. 

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