DCI Class of 2023: University Destinations

Congratulations to the 2023 Dulwich College International graduating class, one of the most diverse, resilient and accomplished graduating classes in Dulwich College International history! With excellent IBDP results – a remarkable average of 36.7 points out of 45, greatly exceeding the global average of 30.2 – 504 of our most recent graduates have matriculated to over 180 university and college campuses in 12 countries across 4 continents to commence 140 course or degree options, with many more matriculations to be confirmed as application cycles continue in various countries.

Dulwich College International is part of the Education in Motion (EiM) family of schools, supported by an EiM group-wide approach to University and Careers Counselling (UCC). With each student‘s "Best Fit Aspirations", the Class of 2023 has not only gained offers from some of the most sought-after higher education institutions but has also found the universities and courses that truly fit them as individuals.

David Fitzgerald
We could not be prouder of the Class of 2023 and all that they have achieved and what we know they will go on to achieve with their lives. Of course, none of this is possible without the support, guidance, expertise and encouragement of our teachers, our school leaders, and importantly, our outstanding University and Careers Counsellors. We really do have the best of the best!
- David Fitzgerald, EGlobal Director of Education, International, EiM


By destination, the United States is the most popular choice in our group, receiving 35% of matriculations. Popular destinations include Boston University, New York University and University of California. The UK is the second most popular destination at 30%, with students matriculating at top universities such as Oxbridge, University College London, London School of Economics and Imperial College London, among others. Canada maintained the third spot at approximately 10%, with University of Toronto and University of British Columbia being the two most popular choices. Destinations like Hong Kong, Continental Europe, and Australia garnered 3-8% - University of Melbourne was Australia’s most popular destination.


With matriculations for more than 140 different course or degree options, the Class of 2023 pursued their personal interests in a variety of subjects. Humanities and Social Sciences combined to become the most popular degree choice cluster at 34.7%, compared to 31.4% for STEM. VPA and Creative Industries came in third, taking in 15.8% of our students.

Given the breadth of destinations and course choices, we are proud to say that our students, with the support of their teachers and counsellors, can really go anywhere in the world in any discipline. Not only were their interests varied, but the Class of 2023 applied for and received offers to the most selective higher education institutions in the world.


A review of the Class of 2023 post-secondary pathways reveals three sets of successes and lessons learned by our expert University and Careers Counselling Teams.


Success 1: 

The Class of 2023 pioneered their own trail, supported by Dulwich’s approach to University and Careers Counselling (UCC) that works for any plan, application system, or interest.

EiM's University and Career Counselling programmes are not built for specific application systems, but rather to equally support students no matter where they want to go or what they want to do. Drawing on the strength of the Dulwich family of schools, the UCC teams and teachers are agile and do an incredible job of working with each student's "Best Fit Aspirations", so that each individual student can be supported in his or her personalised pathway to achievement and success.


Lesson 1: 

Students should never be afraid to try something that looks new or different and should work early and often with their counsellors.

Students are expected to have agency in everything they do, especially when it comes to making critical decisions about their futures. Students who ask themselves what they want to do before they ask others have the best outcomes. This is even more true for students who communicate their intentions early to their counsellors and teachers, even if they change along the way.


Success 2: 

Students excelled across myriad IB and A-level disciplines and demonstrated this clearly to universities.

The great balance represented in our students’ degree choices proves that our students also did exceptionally well in their secondary studies. Carrying on our 400-year history of innovation and academic excellence started with our founding school, Dulwich College, the holistic curriculum provided for DCI students lays a solid foundation for a variety of academic pursuits after their graduation. With the support of their teachers in building up passion and proficiency in our classrooms, students worked closely with their counsellors to best represent their academic interests, especially to application systems like the UK, South Korea and Hong Kong. 


Lesson 2: 

Students have the greatest success when they pursue their personal interests.

Students who start early in developing their interests in and out of the classroom are the best applicants. The Class of 2023 did a phenomenal job of working towards their academic passions. Their 140 different course or degree options set a record. This personalised approach, with the support of our student-centred UCC philosophy, created significant advantages in the application cycle.


Success 3: 

The Class of 2023 gained entry to the most sought-after higher education institutions in the world.

The Class of 2023 set a record for success in competitive application pools, significantly outperforming global standards. Data shows that it has become increasingly difficult to gain entry to the most selective universities around the world in the last 3-5 years. The Class of 2023 applied to the most difficult set of universities for admission we have ever tracked. For an institution like Middlebury College, where one of our Dulwich College Suzhou students matriculated, tracking matriculations against selectivity serves as a valuable indicator of strengths and future success. Middlebury's low admission rate, slightly above 5%, underscores its remarkable competitiveness. To put this into perspective, gaining admission to Middlebury is five times more challenging than securing a spot at a Top 50 US institution like the University of Florida, with an acceptance rate of around 25% for out-of-state applicants. Despite admission rates plummeting at many higher education institutions, our success rates increased.


For instance, consider UCLA's admissions data: Between 2019 and 2023, applications to UCLA increased by 31%, even as the acceptance rate was halved. Despite this, more than twice as many Dulwich College International students were enrolled at UCLA this year compared to 2019. Back in 2019, New York University and Boston University stood out as two of the top three U.S. universities for Dulwich matriculations. Remarkably, in 2023, these two institutions maintained their positions as the leading U.S. universities for DCI matriculations, despite the significantly heightened competition for admission.

If we look at the entire Class of 2023 data set, and plot out matriculations against the most selective institutions to which our students apply, in each of the most popular countries for our students, we can see something very powerful:


In 2022, 45% of matriculations were to the most selective institutions for admission in their markets, often with a benchmark of around a 20% admission rate. In 2023, the percentage of matriculations to highly selective institutions increased to over 65%. In the United States, which makes admissions rates to each institution publicly available, and where 176 total Class of 2023 students are now studying, 74 of these students were admitted to institutions with admissions rates at or below 20%. For these 74 students (42% of the US bound cohort), their chances of admission were a cumulative average of 11%.


Lesson 3: 

Dulwich College International offers the best learning experiences for students by drawing on collaboration, resources and expertise across its family of schools.

Our UCC teams and teachers are committed to delivering an exceptional blend of personalised service, data-driven practices, and professional collaboration. Their collective efforts ensure that every student can make informed choices and receive expert support from highly skilled counselors. These counsellors benefit from a wealth of resources, including access to valuable data, a team of 37 dedicated colleagues, and support from the central team at EiM. What sets our counsellors apart is their commitment to continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and direct engagement with universities. Each of the 504 matriculations we facilitate represents a unique set of decisions and support strategies. This is the foundation upon which any student, regardless of their aspirations, can thrive both during and after their time with us. 


Congratulations to the Class of 2023! We celebrate your remarkable achievements, look forward to your future successes and welcome you all to the Worldwise Alumni Network. 

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