DCI Class of 2024's Early University Offers!

Lucien Giordano, Group Director of International Outreach and Alumni Engagement at Education in Motion, takes us through the exciting and wide-ranging early university offers our students have received across Dulwich College International’s family of schools.


Dulwich College International is excited to share the exceptional early university offers received by the Class of 2024 – we are thrilled with the results! It is never lost on us that these offers represent years of hard work, of time spent in classrooms, on playing fields, in art studios or anywhere that drives our students’ aspirations. 


Nearly 180 of our students have already received over 560 offers combined from 150 universities, including Oxbridge and the Ivy Leagues, and for some of the best courses in the world at universities in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia. With each student’s "Best Fit Aspirations" as an aiming point, the Class of 2024 has not only gained early offers from universities and courses that truly fit them as individuals, but also from some of the most sought-after higher education institutions. Our students are poised to embark on diverse academic journeys, spanning many courses ranging from business and STEM to the humanities and arts. 


Most of the offers, especially from the UK and Hong Kong, are conditional, based on final IB and A-level result requirements, while others are unconditional. Most of the offer holders will have to decide which university to attend by the end of April, yet for those who applied Early Decision to the United States, their decisions are singular and now confirmed. Many of our students, who only recently sent out their applications, are waiting patiently for decisions to be made later this Spring.


Oxbridge offers

For applications to the United Kingdom, students received offers from a great range of universities including an impressive 10 offers to the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. These offers range from Law and English to Maths, Material Sciences, Chemistry and Engineering. Over the last 3 years, Dulwich College International students have received over 32 offers from Oxbridge. 


In the case of one Dulwich College Beijing offer, the applicant came from the Class of 2022. He just completed his military service in Singapore and worked diligently over the last year alongside our Dulwich College Beijing University and Careers Counselling team to fulfill his dream of attending Cambridge. 


US offers

For the students who applied Early Decision to the United States, we now know that they will be attending fabulous institutions including Columbia University, New York University, Vanderbilt University, Rhode Island School of Design and incredibly selective liberal arts colleges like Grinnell, to which only 11% of students are admitted annually.


Harry X, who received his ED offer from Grinnell College, shared that he decided to apply to a liberal arts college because he aspired to a more efficient and compact learning environment: "Liberal arts colleges have smaller class sizes, the teacher-student ratio is much higher compared to comprehensive universities, and students can get more guidance from their professors. Since I prefer small classes to large classes with more than a hundred students, I thought the liberal arts college would be a better fit for me."


“ED gives students the option to choose one 'dream' college in the US. We have had so many amazing offers already - Economics in Hong Kong, Biology at St Andrews, Computer Science in Canada, several in Edinburgh and many others across the world! It's shaping up to be a momentous year of offers at Dulwich International High School Suzhou!”

Mark Coyle
Head of Counselling at Dulwich International High School Suzhou

Nearly 20 students were offered places at the most selective American higher education institutions, including those students above, with additional offers made by institutions including Washington University, Emory University, St Andrews, Smith College, and Swarthmore College.

“Tufts is a good fit because the university appreciated my personal style, the campus environment is appealing, and it is a place where I can study art without limits.”


Student at Dulwich College Seoul


"Celebrating as my student opened the acceptance letter to Tufts was a memorable experience since I knew how much effort went into the application process. We met often to research university options, review essays and application materials, and prepare for interviews."

Paul Sweet
Director of University and Careers Counselling at Dulwich College Seoul

A student from Dulwich International High School Zhuhai has also achieved a remarkable feat by securing an offer for the prestigious MORSE degree at the University of Warwick. Another student passionately dedicated to shaping a sustainable future in business practices has received an offer from the University of Edinburgh for Ecological and Environmental Sciences with Management. Our students have also secured offers from renowned universities in other countries including McGill University in Canada, Monash University in Australia, the University of Hong Kong, and IE University in Spain. This underscores the global and diverse pathways of our students.


While hundreds more of our students will receive thousands of additional offers in the months to come, we want to take a moment to congratulate the early successes of the Class of 2024. We also recognise the incredible efforts of the teachers, counsellors, coaches, and parents who have supported our students over the years and directly contributed to these applications.


"As always, it is exciting to see the incredible university offers that our Dulwich College International students are receiving. We can see from these diverse outcomes how hard everybody across our communities have worked to support our students, but, especially, congratulations to those who have received early offers and the very best to all students as they enter their final term with the EiM family and with their university applications."

David Fitzgerald
Global Director of Education, International, Education in Motion 

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