Dulwich College International Shines at China Schools Awards

We are proud to announce a momentous achievement – Dulwich College International have had our commitment to exceptional education recognized at the esteemed China Schools Awards, winning three prestigious awards out of an impressive total of five nominations! 

The China Schools Awards, organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China, recognise and celebrate the achievements and best practices of international-oriented K12 education in China. Let’s take a closer look at the awards honoured to Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi won in two categories – the Diversity & Inclusion Award and the Students for Sustainability Award.


Dulwich Puxi's steadfast belief in the power of diversity and inclusion underpins its educational philosophy, leading the school community to thrive on a strong sense of belonging, fostered through an inclusive curriculum and learning environment that promotes respect and intercultural understanding.


Instilling a sustainable mindset in students is a cornerstone of the education provided at the College. It actively promotes environmental and social responsibility through extensive curriculum integration, service-learning initiatives and strategic partnerships with organisations such as Elevated Honey Co, the Million Tree Project and Hearts and Hands.


The launch of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report further underlines the school's commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment, aligning its efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


I am incredibly proud of our community that Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has achieved recognition in both categories. These accolades highlight our holistic approach to education, where academic achievement is enhanced by a strong sense of belonging, and where sustainability is interwoven into every aspect of our educational journey.


David Ingram
Head of College
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi


Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong won the Holistic Education Award


This award recognises the school that provides the most outstanding opportunities for students to develop skills outside the classroom, and demonstrates the greatest innovation in and dedication to providing for their emotional, social, ethical and academic needs. 


As the top ranked IB school in China for the second consecutive year, Dulwich Pudong promotes a holistic approach to education that puts students first, focusing on nurturing physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being. Over 250 co-curricular activities offer life-changing opportunities to our students, such as visits to New York for the Model United Nations and the outdoor sports-oriented programme Ignite: Switzerland, giving students to expand their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the world. 


For us to win the Holistic Education Award is a fantastic recognition of the commitment we show to our students. Well done to everyone, a true community effort.


Garry Russell
Head of College
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


A further two nominations received by Dulwich College International schools recognise distinguished and outstanding contributions to education - Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong was also nominated for the Pastoral Care Award, celebrating exceptional innovation in supporting the well-being of its students and the broader school community. Dulwich College Beijing was nominated for the Students for Sustainability Award, in recognition of its efforts in fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious learning spirit.  

Congratulations are in order for each of the Colleges for their wins and nominations, a true testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment to students, education, and community. As well as recognising our achievements, these awards reaffirm our mission to create opportunities and a learning ecosystem, where students can broaden and enhance their global, social and sustainable literacy to better understand their role and to make a positive impact in the world – to "Live Worldwise."

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