Dulwich College International Vienna Choir Tour 2018

The annual Dulwich College International Vienna Choir Tour has been running now for 12 years, providing a rich and memorable experience for a generation of Dulwich College International students. Vienna Boys Choir is a choir of boy sopranos and altos based in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the best known boys' choirs in the world. Our students have the unique and amazing opportunity to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir, study with the choir school directors and take part in amazing concerts, both in Vienna and in the stunning Austrian countryside.

Our young singers from Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Seoul had the opportunity to perform the children’s choir part of Britten’s awe-inspiring War Requiem in St Stephen’s Cathedral - truly a once in a lifetime experience. Over the two weeks, our young singers achieved a level of performance befitting a professional concert in a world class venue under an international conductor Gerald Wirth, Director of the Vienna Boys Choir. An invitation to take part in the concert was extended to Dulwich College in London and it was really heartening to see a group of parents taking the opportunity to travel to Vienna to take part in the chorus. All participants enjoyed a sense of collegiality and shared pride in what was simply a stunning concert.

One aspect of the Vienna tour, which is perhaps not so well known, is the fun that the participants have during our stay in the Pielachtal Valley at Gerald Wirth’s music academy. The rural setting allows our students to play in the countryside, paddle in streams, climb and roll down hills, sing around a camp fire and enjoy a respite from urban living. We were blessed once again with such warm hospitality from Gerald and Elke Wirth and his extended family who return every year to work with our children. The partnership we have built up over the last 12 years is very dear and valuable to us, and one which we continue to nurture and develop.

I had such a fantastic time working with the singers, directors and vocal coaches of the Vienna boys Choir, composing my own pieces of music with a group, performing in breathtaking cathedrals and spending time in a supportive and positive environment. Not only did I have a good time on the tour but I also got to take so much away with me from the trip.
Student of Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

The experience of singing with Vienna Boys Choir, performing with professional musicians in the St Stephen Cathedral and sliding and rolling down from the country slopes were all once a life time experiences.  Thank you all the teachers and staff for such a wonderful work: Simply world class!
Parent of tour participant
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

The Dulwich choral students assembled with the adult choir in the imposing practice room opposite the site of their forthcoming public performance at St Stephen’s Church, Vienna. Taking their seats in front of Gerald Wirth, the Director of the Vienna Boys Choir they looked understandably nervous and small. To hear our students harmonise with the adult choir and watch their confidence and capability grow was truly memorable and a revelation. I am confident that all our students returned home having had a fantastic music adventure and the trip of a lifetime.
Marc Morris
Director of Schools, Dulwich College International

There was the moment that the Vienna Boys Choir sang to all of us for the first time, to teach our students a piece that they would collaborate on. A tingling sensation ran down my spine. It was inspiring, beautiful and as we sat thousands of miles away sharing this moment with one of the best and most famous chorister schools in the world, it was truly overwhelming.
Sarah Barker-Doherty
Director of Performing Arts: Dulwich College International

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