The Dulwich Olympiad brings together students from Dulwich College and its seven international schools in Beijing. Over 100 students touring China to compete in sports and take part in musical performance

The first Dulwich Olympiad opens in Beijing tomorrow with sporting competitions at Dulwich College Beijing and the national Olympic Sports Centre. 100 students and teachers from Dulwich College in London have travelled to China to compete and collaborate with their peers from the seven Dulwich College International schools across Asia. Students are competing in a variety of sports and collaborating through musical performances in several locations, culminating in a gala concert. In addition, a Dulwich College XV will play The Scots College from Sydney in an exhibition rugby match on 2 April, having won the first encounter in Suzhou 19-14. The Dulwich Olympiad draws inspiration from the Olympic games and brings the eight Dulwich College schools together in what the Master of Dulwich College, Dr Joseph Spence, hopes will be “friendly but fierce” competition. Prior to the Olympiad, the students visited Dulwich College Shanghai and Dulwich College Suzhou as part of a wider sporting and musical tour involving rugby matches against Dulwich College Shanghai, The Scots College and other preparatory competition in basketball, swimming, athletics and table tennis. The Dulwich tour will finish in Beijing with the Olympiad itself when the majority of the sporting competition and concerts will take place. On Thursday 2nd April, the opening ceremony will take place in the National Olympic Sports Centre, the principal venue for the sporting events. A team of over 40 student reporters and photographers will be covering the Olympiad, sharing their comments and posting results as they take place and following the events. The Dulwich Olympiad will take place every four years. The next Olympiad will be hosted by Dulwich College in London in 2019, when students from all Dulwich College International schools will have the opportunity to participate in the founding College’s quadricentennial celebrations.


Dr Joseph Spence, The Master, Dulwich College:

From the time of my first visit to our sister schools in Asia, it has been very natural for me to talk about the family or commonwealth of schools. Now that so many of our international schools have come to maturity with boys and girls in a good number of year groups, if not all the way through to the end of their school careers, it is time to look for creative ways to bring all Alleynians, London based and international, together.


Brian McDouall, Director of Schools, Dulwich College International:

The Olympiad will be the first opportunity for students to represent their school in both sporting and cultural activities and compete against their peers from all eight Dulwich Colleges. This is an opportunity for Dulwich students to engage with their peers in a competitive inclusive environment and to channel the pride and spirit they have for their school into their chosen field. I wish the best of luck to all students taking part and encourage their parents and peers to support them.”


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