Dulwich Shakespeare Festival Returns!


Confidence, collaboration, creativity – three words to describe the beloved Dulwich Shakespeare Festival that brings together hundreds of students and teachers each year to celebrate Shakespeare and his timeless legacy. The festival welcomes practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company as well, who work together with the participants to bring to life the annual festival theme and Shakespeare's language. Students develop their performance, collaborative and communication skills in a safe yet challenging environment while teachers build a community of practice with colleagues across the network and parents experience first-hand the impact of the partnership and celebrate the achievements of their children. 

Edgar Zillmann, Head of Events and Educational Partnerships, EiM, commented:

"Our enduring partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled learning experiences through our unique Worldwise Events programme. Witnessing our students reconnecting and thriving in this vibrant environment reaffirms the immense value such collaborations bring to our school communities. This festival is not just a cultural event; it's a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, fostering growth, understanding, and a deep appreciation for the arts in our students."

This October, the rich tapestry of our family of schools was vividly displayed in Beijing, as we celebrated the 8th annual Dulwich Shakespeare Festival. Students and teachers from across our network convened for an enriching experience, guided by the experienced Associate Learning Practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). This year's festival not only rekindled a passion for theatre but also served as a dynamic educational platform, leaving participants eagerly anticipating next year's event.



David Fitzgerald, Global Director of Education, International, at EiM, eloquently captured this essence:

"One of our core values is being a family of schools, and events like the Dulwich Shakespeare Festival allow us to truly live that value. We have students coming together, we have teachers coming together. We have parents coming together… It's wonderful.”


This sentiment was echoed by hundreds of students from 7 different schools, many experiencing this grand reunion for the first time. They discovered the value of collaboration, drawing from diverse backgrounds and ages.

A student from Dulwich College Beijing reflected:

“We can learn from each other because we all come from diverse backgrounds, from different cities and a variety of ages. So I feel like it's a really good opportunity to connect and learn through drama.”


Our days were filled with workshops led by RSC's skilled practitioners, where students explored not just the art of theatre but also critical life skills such as empathy, collaboration, and critical thinking.

The workshops transcended beyond mere performance art, as highlighted by Alex Tew, Festival Director and Head of Drama at the hosting school Dulwich College Beijing:

“Our partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company is really unique and really valuable for our students. They're able to learn from and work with experienced theatre practitioners, practitioners that live and breathe this world as day to day life.”

Garry Russell, Head of College from Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, a former drama student himself, emphasised the multifaceted learning opportunities inherent in drama:

“I actually think it's difficult to think of another subject or area where students can learn so many skills at the same time. As a former drama student myself, I know the importance of empathy, collaboration, the ability to think critically — just a few skills that our students are developing and mastering through their work with the RSC.”

The festival also provided a unique platform for teachers to connect, share, and grow. They participated in professional development sessions, enhancing their pedagogical skills and exchanging innovative ideas.


Philip Moon, Head of Drama from Dulwich International High School Zhuhai shared:

“For myself personally, it's been great being able to connect with other drama teachers as well as teachers from other subjects, being able to get ideas from them about how maybe I can improve as a teacher, how I can improve my own courses.”

Entering our 8th year of an exclusive partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the positive impact of the past years doesn’t go unnoticed.

Oliver Lynes, an Associate Learning Practitioner from the RSC who has been working with our students for many years said:

“One thing that I've probably noticed the most is the progression of the students. It’s a testament to the ethos of the festival and the partnership that what we can see year on year is that growing in confidence mainly, but also that idea of a spirit of play, a spirit of being together and a spirit of confidence that is makes the festival so special.”

The festival also provided a unique platform for teachers to connect, share, and grow. They participated in professional development sessions, enhancing their pedagogical skills and exchanging innovative ideas.



As the festival drew to a close, the air was thick with a sense of achievement and empowerment. The final performances, a culmination of collaborative creativity, left an indelible mark on all attendees.

Matthew Readman, Head of Drama at Dulwich College Seoul, summed it up perfectly:

“You cannot replace what theatre provides. Theatre is a live artform. It can't be copied, it can't be edited, it can't be reproduced. You will never get back what we've got from this time, and that is the memories.”

We invite our community, especially parents, to continue engaging with and supporting their children's growth through such transformative experiences. As we look forward to future festivals, we remain committed to fostering not just academic excellence but also the holistic development of our students through such inspiring events.



Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to engage in our thriving school community!

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