Happy Father's Day!


This year, we would like to thank all fathers for their contributions and partnership in the education of your children. Through the course of our lives, father figures fulfil many roles: a teacher, a coach, a counsellor, a best friend… At Dulwich, we will continue to work with these influential figures, to cultivate a learning environment that keeps our students safe, fosters their curiosity and helps them grow into global citizens. It is with your support, that we endeavour to provide a pioneering education for our children, that will bring them countless future prospects. 

With Father’s Day approaching, it's the perfect time to celebrate the loving and caring father figures in our lives. Whether it's dad, uncle, brother, grandpa, or anyone who has been a father figure that you look up to, we encourage you to join us in expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their love, care and guidance. 

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