Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day recognises the invaluable contributions of women to society and advocating for gender equality worldwide. This annual event, celebrated on March 8th, serves as a poignant reminder of the progress made and the challenges that persist in the pursuit of gender parity.

International Women's Day has evolved into a global movement only honour the trailblazing women who have shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for future generations but also reaffirm our commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable world.

Our annual EiM Digital Art Competition challenges our students’ creativity, highlighting the achievements of women in society. This year the competition level was excellent, pioneers in technology were a standout with entries including Hedy Lamarr, Ada Lovelace and Mira Murati as well as advocates of civil rights; Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman.

Our judging panel: d’Arcy Lunn, Polly Clayton and Dafydd Thomas were so split they decided to award prizes for both Global Citizenship awareness and Creativity skills. d’Arcy Lunn commented on how well the submissions communicated “something that is powerful, has impact and moves the gender equality needle a little further along the dial”.


Kathryn Hall
Director of Art and Design & Technology
Dulwich College (Singapore)

We are proud to announce this year's winners!


Winners of Y3-6 Group

Global Citizenship

Zaha Hadid

Tokuto S.
Dulwich College Beijing

"My dad is an architect, so I know Zaha Hadid who was the first female architect, and she got the Pritzker Prize. I used digital art app to draw the picture on my laptop. The color I used were grey, black and white, because her design style is like this. I want to express that not only men can be architect, but women can also contribute being an architect."



Marie Curie

Charlotte B.
Dulwich College Suzhou

"I wanted to draw a picture of Marie Curie because I think she is one of the most intelligent women to have ever existed. Also, in our recent in topic lessons, we have been researching heroes from the past and we learned about Marie Curie which inspired me to draw her picture. I used 2 apps to create my artwork using the drawing function on my iPad. The drawing took me about one day to fully complete. I want people to know, that Marie Curie was a special scientist who did amazing things. She's connected to International Women's Day because she showed that girls can be really smart in science and achieve great things too."


Winners of Y7-9 Group

Global Citizenship

Misty Copeland

Tenzine D.
Dulwich College (Singapore)



Katherine Johnson

Nora S.
Hochalpines Institut Ftan

"When I was younger, I received a book for Christmas that contained the biographies of some very remarkable women. When it came to this assignment, Kathrine Johnson was one of the first women from this book who came to mind. I was also inspired by the movie “Hidden Figures” which shows the struggles and problems she and her friends encountered while working at NASA. When designing the poster, I tried to represent a part of her biography with different pictures and signs. As an example, I chose the background to portray her amazing work as a mathematician. I wanted to advocate open-mindedness and raise awareness to women pursuing careers in science."


Winners of Y10-13

Global Citizenship

Mira Murati

Sumin C.
Dulwich College Suzhou

"My inspiration came from an article I have recently read on ChatGPT. As a student with aspirations of working in the technology field, I was deeply influenced by the fact that she was the sole female founder of ChatGPT, especially when the presence of female chief officer in the tech industry is uncommon. This artwork was produced using an iPad and an apple pencil. In order to highlight Mira Murati’s presence as a woman working in the technology industry, I utilized to LED display font for her name in the poster, which serves as a visual representation of her great influence. Through my artwork, I wanted to give myself hope by reminding myself that with dedication and effort, I will also be rewarded with an achievement that I can be proud of. Additionally, I wanted to emphasize that there are no specific jobs that are more suitable for one gender over another."



Hedy Lamarr

Henk J.
Dulwich College (Singapore)

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