No Carbon November at Dulwich College International

For the third year running, the Dulwich College International community has celebrated No Carbon November with a general theme to consciously reduce our carbon footprint throughout the month of November, and to connect our actions with impact and transform them into long-term habits. This month-long sustainability awareness campaign offers a wonderful opportunity to engage and encourage students, parents, and staff to interact with environmental sustainability in unique and entertaining ways, putting intentions into action.

Throughout the month, every Dulwich College International school participated in No Carbon November to shine the spotlight on sustainability and climate change. Here are some highlights:

A carbon-conscious learning space

At Dulwich College International, we take an active role in embedding our commitment to sustainability and global citizenship into the everyday learning and life of our schools for our students to Live Worldwise. During this year’s No Carbon November, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and the DUCKS early years have made a major shift towards natural educational materials and a reduction in plastic and single-use items. Their outdoor learning spaces have evolved into a lovely mix of small and deliberate spaces for engagement and interaction with nature. The intentionality of these outdoor learning spaces is really evolving and truly becoming the third teacher.


No Carbon November weekly themes

From the energy we consume to the food we choose; each element contributes to our overall impact on the environment. At Dulwich College International, we believe that everyday efforts can add up and make a big positive impact on our planet’s future. A four-week challenge with themes and a student engagement and interaction blackboard was introduced by Dulwich College Beijing in an effort to inform and inspire carbon-conscious choices at an individual level. The ed-tech leaders at the school made helpful signs and reminders of reducing energy footprint.


Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong set up weekly themes in their early years to educate students on how to be superheroes in a different way each week, adding towards No Carbon November and our positive environmental impacts.


Conferences on Sustainability and Global Citizenship

November also saw two conferences in the Dulwich College International community connected with No Carbon November. Dulwich College (Singapore) hosted an online conference with FOBISIA on "Developing our students into effective global citizens", while Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong hosted its annual SDGs UN-conference with a focus on “The Nature of Wellbeing”.


As we round up this year’s No Carbon November campaign, we are grateful for each and every member of our community who has made a meaningful and significant contribution to creating a sustainable future. Much more is going on in all our schools — not just in November, but all through the school year. It serves as a lovely reminder that sustainability and global citizenship is not just something we do, but how we live. We look forward to celebrating No Carbon November again next year!


Explore our No Carbon November Calendar and remember, its inspiration lasts all year! Embrace these small daily actions every day to make a lasting impact.

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