No Carbon November Highlights

“We need to put faith into action, knowing that while only being one small person our actions matter, and when combined with others we are a part of creating change.” -- d’Arcy Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability & Global Citizenship

No Carbon November is our very own month-long sustainability awareness campaign to shine the spotlight on sustainability and climate change. Schools across the Dulwich family host exciting activities and events to engage their communities and encourage students, parents, and staff to reduce their carbon footprints, turning intentions into action.

With the conclusion of COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, it’s time to round up this year’s Dulwich "No Carbon November" and see what we have done on our part to make a difference for our planet!


NO-CARbon Adventure Challenge

On the 12th of November, a sunny Saturday in Shanghai, 16 teams from Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong as well as 6 teams each from Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and Dehong Shanghai took on the NO-CARbon Adventure Challenge!

Adventurous participants, including parents, students, staff, and some heads of schools, were given a series of No-CARbon challenges to complete around Shanghai before meeting at the central park near Xintiandi at noon. Challenges included taking public transportation or biking, refilling their water bottles, finding a vegetarian food place, taking a photo of a public poster with a sustainability message, and more.

Once completed, all teams converged on the Xintiandi Park, where they filled out a carbon emissions quiz to capture their challenge efforts as well as some extra unknown carbon-related questions like what they had eaten that day, if they had a food waste-free morning, how old their phone was, etc. At the end of the quiz, a team point score was generated, where the lowest was the best, like our carbon emissions. 


It was a lovely day for families and staff to gain perspectives on ways to live more sustainably and connectively in their own community and city. There were students who took a ferry for the first time, discovered new vegetarian places to eat, and a team who cycled all the way in from near the school in Minhang and back!

We are already looking forward to next year's NO-CARbon Adventure Challenge, and we might add an urban nature theme to the challenge.

Carbon November Daily Actions

While global solutions will require action on a global scale, there’s a lot we can do at an individual level to make carbon-conscious choices. Why not start by taking a magnifying lens to our daily habits and making some positive, creative changes?

At the outset of this year’s campaign, we created this "No Carbon November Daily Actions" calendar to serve as motivation and a starting point for actions that lessen our carbon footprint. From modes of transportation to food choices, from dressing sustainably to raising awareness, we offer our students knowledge and lived experience of understanding that everything has a carbon attachment, and that will enhance their sustainability literacy and competency today and into the future.


We are grateful for everyone who took part, had fun, and gave their attention and effort to sustainability and how our individual actions, combined with others', contribute to positive change.

Mitigating climate change is complex, daunting, and slow, but it is what we are doing as individuals, as a community, and as a global village to determine who we are, to Live Worldwise, and to educate for a sustainable future. Give us a boost in our efforts to have a positive impact on people and the environment with this year's No Carbon November!

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