The Pons Talk|What does it mean to be a young global citizen?

I let my passions lead me. Just give everything a go.

The Pons Talk is a podcast where our budding student journalists interview exceptional alumni from our Worldwide Alumni Network.


Welcome back to The Pons Talk! Today, our guest Tobias talks about his life goal to make the world a greener place, one step at a time. Specifically, Tobias - who graduated last year from Dulwich College (Singapore) - shares with Xinyu Y - a Year 11 student at our sister school, Dehong International Chinese School - about how his decisions have been influenced by the impact he wants to make as a global citizen.

With so much to discuss, we've broken down today's episode into a few sections:

Tobias' Dulwich Journey (00:38 - 06:50)

  • What Tobias considers is the most important thing he learned at Dulwich
  • What influenced his passion for sustainability and how he explored his interest at school

Future Planning (06:51 - 18:19)

  • Why Tobias' passion for sustainability has led him to choose Psychology as a major at university
  • How the wealth of opportunities available at Dulwich informed his future path
  • What factors influenced his decision to take a gap year

To be a Young Global Citizen Means... (21:07 - 22:58)

  • What Tobias' definition of "Global Citizenship" is

Tips from Tobias (23:00 - 25:08)

  • Advice for students and alumni in the Worldwise Alumni Network


We are delighted that our Worldwise Alumni Tobias has discovered his true passion, and we are so proud to see him pursue his goals and make the wise academic and professional decisions needed to achieve them. We wish him the best of luck moving forward!

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