The inaugural Dulwich College International student leadership conference

Students from across the Dulwich College International family of schools and the founding school in London, Dulwich College, came together in Shanghai to participate in the network's first student leadership conference. Guest speakers included the former CEO of Alibaba Limited, David Wei, Christian Guertler, the CEO of Dulwich College International, and Pete Rogers a motivational speaker, leadership coach and body language expert.

The conference resulted in the formation of the “Dulwich Student Leaders Committee” made up of the head prefects and deputies from each Dulwich College International school and Dulwich College. Committee members will meet termly via videoconference to continue the work started at the student leadership conference.

Over three days, students were engaged in talks, workshops and planning sessions designed to hone their presentation, project management and communication skills. At the close of the conference the student leaders were asked to consider the application of the skills they had learned, not only in challenges in their lives, but also how to pass on the skills they had learned to their peers.

“The chance to take part in this event is once-in-lifetime level. We not only picked up a considerable amount of useful skills, but more importantly, we met so many great thinkers and leaders from across the Dulwich schools all over the world,” said Dulwich International High School Suzhou prefect, Allen.

John Todd, the Regional Director of Schools for Dulwich College International commented: “It was wonderful to see our student leaders come together and engage in a new leadership programme. I was delighted by the way in which they focused on realistic outcomes for their leadership projects and worked so hard to develop their skills. It is a testament to the success of our school programmes that we have so many talented young leaders who are confident and willing to step out onto the leadership stage.”

The success of the first student leadership conference can attributed to the perseverance of Dulwich College International's Events and Alumni coordinator, Jimmy Lai. Leading by example, the Dulwich College Beijing alumnus and former head boy was responsible for everything from the idea behind the conference to its delivery and the participating students have a great deal to thank him for.

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