Dulwich Alumni | The Pons Talk: Arts x Entrepreneurship


In Episode 6 of "The Pons Talk", student host Curtis L from Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi talks to Jesse Y, a Dulwich International High School Suzhou graduate, about breaking into the film industry.

Curtis L

Jesse believes that his Dulwich education laid the solid foundation that enabled him to pursue his dream career. Not only did he learn the initial practical skills of film production, but he also acquired the confidence to be successful within the industry.

Listen to the show above to learn about:

  1. The opportunities Jesse leveraged at Dulwich to get him started in his journey
  2. How international education propelled him forward in his career
  3. How Jesse views the intersection of arts and entrepreneurship
  4. Advice for students who are looking to enter the industry
Jesse Y

Jesse graduated from Loyola Marymount University, majoring in Film and Television Production and Theatre Arts. He is the founder of a TV commercial production company as well as a tech startup. He is currently studying at New York University, where he is working toward his Master of Arts in Interactive Media.

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