We're finalists in the China Schools Awards with 5 nominations!

We’re delighted to share that Dulwich College International has secured five nominations across four categories in the 2024 China Schools Awards!

Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China, the awards recognise and celebrate the achievement and best practice of international-oriented K12 education in China. Between our family of schools, we have been shortlisted for awards for Holistic Education, Pastoral Care, Diversity and Inclusion, and Students for Sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to a truly holistic and well-rounded education. Congratulations to Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Beijing! We look forward to the final results.

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi


Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi believes that diversity and inclusion start with a strong sense of belonging. Students and staff flourish as individuals within a caring and connected community. The College has worked hard through the years to develop the College’s curriculum and learning and work environments to create an inclusive culture that fosters respect and intercultural understanding. In 2021, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi won the Diversity and Inclusion award, and while the College has been listed as finalists for this award again in 2022 and 2024. 

The College has been working in partnership with Angie Browne to audit DEIJ at the school. The Being Luminary programme is a diversity, equity and inclusion deep dive for leaders across the College. 

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi are dedicated to embedding a sustainable mindset in students and staff, aiming to create positive change and minimise its environmental impact. Through the curriculum, service-learning initiatives, and partnerships, such as with Elevated Honey Co, the Million Tree Project, and Hearts and Hands, the College actively promotes environmental and social responsibility.  

Additionally, the College has launched an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, showcasing its dedication to making a positive impact on both people and the planet. This report reflects the ongoing efforts to engage students and staff in understanding the impact of their actions and aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 


Being shortlisted for the China Schools Awards is a testament to Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong’s commitment to providing holistic education and exceptional pastoral care to their students. It showcases the College’s dedication to nurturing their overall development and well-being, ensuring their success both academically and personally.  

The College offers an impressive variety of extracurriculars, initiatives and programmes underpinned by a holistic approach to education, enabling students to grow academically, socially, physically, and emotionally, and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Dulwich College Beijing


Dulwich College Beijing has been nominated for their innovative initiative Planet Hack, an annual collaborative hackathon with the Australian National University where students spend two days working together to provide solutions to key global issues – with “Food Security” as this year’s theme.  

Dulwich College Beijing is truly honoured to be recognised yet again for their community’s dedication and commitment towards fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious learning environment. It also underscores the importance of incorporating sustainability into the core values of holistic education, essential to Dulwich College International’s mission to empower our students to Live Worldwise.

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