Worldwise Alumni Network: Global celebrations and reunions

At Dulwich College International, we aim to foster lifelong relationships with our alumni, known as International Old Alleynians (IOAs). The Worldwise Alumni Network (WAN) is a dynamic and vibrant global community, providing our alumni with a platform to cultivate and sustain meaningful networks and relationships both professionally and socially. What is particularly special about WAN is that our alumni are incredibly passionate about giving back to the Dulwich College International community, and many collaborate with our school communities to participate in events and interviews, sharing helpful insights for current students and parents when it comes to higher education and career guidance.

Reflecting on the WAN events, here is what our alumni had to say: 

Nina Hsieh, Dulwich College Suzhou '21

“The alumni event in London provided a delightful chance to forge new friendships with peers from other Colleges. It was enjoyable to exchange stories of our times at different campuses and connect with those that are also studying at UCL currently, fostering a sense of community in an otherwise expansive city. Meanwhile, I was able to reconnect with old friends and teachers from Dulwich College Suzhou. Together, we shared our life's progress and laughed over past memories. Residing in a new city, it’s often easy for us to place more focus on making new relationships; however, it’s equally important to rekindle with those that we grew up with and knew us best. The blend of nostalgia and new connections made the event absolutely invaluable and memorable.”

Michael Huang, Dulwich International High School Zhuhai '13

“Attending WAN's events has always been a treat. It's great to see so many DCI alumni across different schools and to be able to make friends in an encouraging, warm, and not-overly-formal setting. I honestly think it might be the best alumni events I have ever attended. I genuinely hope that more alumni out there come join us, give it a shot, no matter if you are shy or outgoing, I think you won't regret it.”

It has been a busy and exciting few months for WAN! Between October and early January, official WAN events and reunions took place around the world in Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Shanghai, Beijing, and Toronto, where alumni had the opportunity to connect, celebrate, inspire, and grow. 

Hong Kong




A key foundation of WAN is the Worldwise Alumni Advisory Board (WAAB), our alumni leadership team. In October, WAAB President Bryan Chiew (Dulwich College Beijing '16), WAAB VP for Professional Development Adam Wang (Dulwich International High School Suzhou '13), China Greater Bay Area Chapter Leader Michael Huang (Dulwich International High School Zhuhai '13), and Seoul Chapter Leader Alice Oh (Dulwich College Suzhou '18) came together for a one-day workshop. From this workshop came an exciting new strategy for global and regional leadership and chapter structures. We will announce these WAN growth plans and the commitments our alumni make to mentoring students in an article later this Spring.

Following the workshop, our alumni joined Lucien Giordano, Group Director of International Outreach and Alumni Engagement and Jerry Zhou, International Outreach and Alumni Engagement Manager, for a joint event hosted by Dulwich College, our founding school in London. The week ended with a third event that was attended by over 20 International Old Alleynians from across our Dulwich College International schools.




In November, Lucien traveled to Seoul to explore ideas of the Seoul chapter with alumni of Dulwich College Beijing and Dulwich College Suzhou along with Head of College Gudmundur Jonsson and Head of Admissions Helen Kim at Dulwich College Seoul. The event was a great success, with a second Chapter Leader appointed, Chelsea Hong (Dulwich College Beijing '15). Chelsea and Gudmundur delivered remarks about the incredible opportunity it presents to have a united group of alumni in one of our school’s cities.




Later in November, nearly 40 alumni gathered in London at Dulwich College along with Lucien, Dulwich College (Singapore) Head of Senior School Mel Ellis and Dulwich College Beijing Head of University and Career Counselling Gavin Hornbuckle. During the event, IOAs from five Dulwich College International schools connected and shared memories. We appointed Alex Blanchard (Dulwich College Seoul '18), who flew into London from France for the event, as the official representative of Dulwich College Seoul to WAAB.




In December, we held an exciting event with many of our alumni, school community and partners in attendance – including 20 alumni, staff from Education in Motion (EiM), Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, and Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School in attendance, along with parents and representatives of our partners, Australian National University and University of Arizona. 

We saw how powerful it can be to connect in person and form collaborations across different communities. Our parents shared career advice with alumni, while our alumni shared how they would like to support students with our staff, and our university partners offered advice on graduate education programmes to the alumni. The event was a great success, and we hope to replicate it in cities worldwide in the coming years.




In Beijing, our alumni gathered for our annual WAN Christmas Dinner, a tradition that is now three years strong, where our alumni gather to reflect on the year and celebrate the holiday.




Most recently, Tracy Wu, Operations Manager and one of the founding staff members of Dulwich College Suzhou, travelled to Toronto. Her daughter, an IOA herself, helped to organise an event for alumni in the city. The event was a great reminder that our school staff community members feel great affinity for our alumni and there are so many wonderful personal touch points when we all get involved. 

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