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Learn more about our schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhuhai, Seoul and Singapore.

Dulwich College International Schools, Dulwich International High Schools and Dehong International Chinese Schools are sister schools. Catering to a wide-range of students, they offer differing curriculum models but all provide personalised, student-centred pathways complemented by a focus on well-being and opportunities beyond the classroom through meaningful partnerships with world-class institutions.

Dulwich College International Schools are K-12 schools that offer an adapted English National Curriculum, the IGCSE and then the IB Diploma Programme. Dulwich College International High Schools cater to students aged 14-18 and offer the IGCSE followed by the A-level examinations. Dehong International Chinese Schools are schools that nurture bilingual and bicultural students and offer a combined programme comprising the Chinese compulsory curriculum enhanced with an international educational philosophy, culminating with the IB Diploma.

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International Schools

Beijing image
Dulwich College Beijing
Established2005 Ages3 to 18 Students1570
Shanghai Pudong image
Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong
Established2003 Ages2 to 18 Students1600
Shanghai Puxi image
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
Established2016 Ages2 to 18 Students450
Suzhou image
Dulwich College Suzhou
Established2007 Ages2 to 18 Students900
Singapore image
Dulwich College (Singapore)
Established2014 Ages2 to 18 Students2890
Seoul image
Dulwich College Seoul
Established2010 Ages2 to 18 Students650

International High Schools

Suzhou image
Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Established2012 Ages14 to 19 Students700
Zhuhai image
Dulwich International High School Zhuhai
Established2010 Ages14 to 18 Students250

Sister Schools

Dehong Shanghai Int’l Chinese School image
Dehong Shanghai Int’l Chinese School
Established 2017 Ages6 to 17 Students800+
Dehong Beijing Int’l Chinese School image
Dehong Beijing Int’l Chinese School
Established 2019 Ages3 to 11, and 16 Students360+
Dehong Xi'an School image
Dehong Xi'an School
Established 2019 Ages6 to 12 Students350+

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