Safety Online

Keeping Our Students Safe in an Online Learning Environment

Students come first in all that we do and so safeguarding and child protection are always a central focus in all Dulwich College International schools. In light of the current global health crisis, we have recently moved our schools in China and Seoul from delivering on-campus education to one that is 100 per cent online, off-campus. In this new online learning environment, the ways in which our staff and students interact may be different, but we remain committed to providing a safe environment for each of our students, following our Safe at School framework.

What is the difference between an offline and online learning classroom environment?

  • Working together online means students and teachers are engaging in learning activities in a more informal setting, different from the usual professional classroom environment.

How have we encouraged teaching staff to maintain professional standards online?

  • All staff have been trained on our comprehensive Safeguarding Policy, and regularly revisit the Code of Conduct – which makes clear our professional standards.
  • Teachers use school-approved online learning platforms when working with their students.
  • Given the online format, teachers are reminded that they are entering a student’s personal sphere and so are expected to be aware of their dress, behaviour and their own location, maintaining professionalism at all times.
  • Teachers will never share inappropriate material or personal contact details with students.

How will teachers monitor students’ well-being in an online environment?

  • Our staff have been trained on our safeguarding policy to be attentive to both verbal and non-verbal cues that a student may be distressed, anxious or stressed.
  • Our teachers know their students well and are trained to pick up unusual behaviour or concerns, including through writing, drawings and, of course, words.

How should an incident be reported in an online learning environment?

  • The procedures remain the same as in an offline environment.
  • Request an immediate conversation with the school’s safeguarding contact if you believe a student is at immediate risk.

We understand that in times like these, your greatest worry is the health, safety and well-being of your child. Please rest assured that our staff remain committed to prioritising and staying vigilant about safeguarding your child even while we all adjust to this new online learning environment.

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