DCSZ Community Support

After hearing about the plight of a local 9 year old girl diagnosed with leukemia via family and friends the parent group from Dulwich College Suzhou were determined to do what they could to help. With their biggest charity fund raising event just around the corner they all agreed that Chen Yi would be one of the causes they would support.   Chen Yi, born in 2004, is a Grade 3 student from Anhu Experimental School. She was diagnosed with leukaemia M2a in February 2013 and  is now being treated in Soochow University Affiliated Children’s Hospital. So far she has had 3 chemotherapy sessions and still needs to have 4 more. Once her chemotherapy finishes she will need still further treatment such as a bone marrow transplant or stem cell treatment to ensure she makes a full recovery.Unfortunately only part of her treatment costs have been covered by her medical insurance so funds are urgently needed to help pay the costs of her remaining treatment.   The big charity fund raiser at Dulwich College Suzhou was the 6th Annual International Day and Founder’s Day Celebration held on Saturday 11 May. It was a huge success with more visitors than ever before; more country stalls; more vendors; more performances and over RMB280,000 raised for charity. Following this event the parent group (Friends of Dulwich) were thrilled to be able to donate a total of RMB150,000 to help pay for Chen Yi’s treatment.   It was a very special morning for everyone when Chen Yi and her parents came to the school to receive the donation. She was a little shy at first but was very curious about all of the activities, displays on the classroom walls and the children playing in the playground. Chen Yi was a top student in her own school and must look forward to going back.