Dulwich stars @ US-China Summit

Beijing, June 11, 2014: Four Dulwich Zhuhai students attended the first annual US-China Student Summit in Beijing this past week. The Dulwich Zhuhai students who participated:  Rosen Xue, Xing Wang (Star), Zong Heng Ong (Ryan), and Yishan Luo (Ivy) not only represented Dulwich College but also China at the Summit and the feedback from the organisers, in regards their contribution, was overwhelmingly positive. Mr. Jonathan Taylor, the Director of Dulwich Zhuhai, was not surprised with the feedback: “These four students are some of our best and it is great to see them seize the opportunity to involve themselves in such an important forum.” Ivy Luo, Year 12, "The conference had some amazing entrepeneurs and business leaders who spoke to us about their vision for the future, all of which emphasised the importance of global collaboration and relationships. I was able to meet and speak with like minded people and gained an experience of what life will be like on campus when I go to study in America." More than 400 outstanding students, educators, and leaders from the US and China came together for two days of cross-cultural exchange and engagement. In the words of 100,000 Strong Foundation COO Travis Tanner, “the US-China relationship is the most consequential bilateral relationship in the world, and this student summit is designed to promote meaningful dialogue between our two great nations.” This landmark event was successful thanks to the 100,000 Strong Foundation, Peking University and WorldStrides. The 2015 US-China Student Summit will be held in Shanghai, and we look forward to helping even more US and Chinese students to become successful global citizens. For more articles and highlights from the weekend see below: • Huffington Post : US-China Student Summit Creates Tomorrow's Relationships Today • Wall Street Journal: OMG: In China, This Language Teacher Has Swag • Sino-US: A talk with delegation of 100,000 Strong Foundation in Beijing • China Daily USA: 100,000 Strong program to continue beyond 2014 • 100 Thousand Strong: First-Ever US-China Student Summit Brings 400 Students Together in Beijing • Youku: US-China Student Summit at Peking University in Beijing十万强基金会通信稿(英文)中美学生领袖会议通讯稿(新华网)中美学生领袖会议照片精选中美学生领袖会议优酷新闻视频