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Welcome to a virtual space that celebrates the Dulwich College International community. A space that connects former students, parents, and teachers, and celebrates all of what we do as a network of schools. Every year more than two thousand students, teachers, and parents leave the Dulwich family to go on to new lives and locations. As a connected group of individuals, the Dulwich network has the power to facilitate and sustain valuable social and professional relationships, serve this growing global community, and even bring Dulwich College to others. is home base. It’s a place for alumni to connect and celebrate their achievements.  Through the alumni community we can get people together, provide a forum for alumni to share their journeys. is a place for educators to play a role in the Dulwich story and to demonstrate that DCI is one of the best places in the world to teach and inspire.

Our school network is optimal for educators who seek experiences with the support of collaborative team of diverse faculty, with the freedom to be innovative and imaginative, and with opportunities to develop in a growing number of locations. is for learning about the DCI network – real examples of our schools successes and also a place where educators can sign up for jobs at one or more of our schools through the Teach page. They can create profiles, apply for jobs, and sign up for news alerts to stay apprised of the latest opportunities at our schools. was built by students and staff of the Dulwich College International group with students, alumni, staff and families in mind. Help us grow our network, tell our story, and attract the best teachers to our schools.  Join InDulwich today, click on Connect and create an alumni profile today. At we are only in our infancy so should you have any issues with the site or have improvement suggestions please email and we will attend to it right away.