Simon Herbert

Q. Who is Simon Herbert? A. The new Head of Senior School, Dulwich College in Beijing Q. What does Simon Herbert say about education? Simon emphasizes the importance of pastoral care in academic achievement. “Exceptional academics,” Simon stressed, “depends on strong communication between the parents, students, and school.” Simon embodies Dulwich’s focus on academic excellence, sports, and performance. He is a linguist, having taught French and Spanish at Fettes College as well as introducing its Mandarin programme. He coached hockey and some football, and is an aspiring guitarist. Though he stressed the word aspiring, it didn’t stop him from being front and center with student-teacher performances – a good indicator that he will fit in well with Dulwich Beijing's students and the almost omnipotent presence of music and art in their daily lives. One of Simon’s first impressions of Dulwich was the rapport between students and teachers. He believes that students bring energy to a school, and quipped that while the “old fogies” get older, the students are always the same age – perpetually embedding youth into the atmosphere and the teachers. Simon and his wife Helen brought three children with them, one in each of the schools: Early Years, Junior School, and Senior School.